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DELIVERQUOTA(8)                                                DELIVERQUOTA(8)

       deliverquota - deliver to a maildir with a quota

       deliverquota [ -c ] [ -w percent ] maildir quota

       deliverquota  delivers  mail to a maildir taking into account any soft-
       ware-imposed quota on the maildir.  This manually-enforced quota mecha-
       nism  is  described  in  the  maildirquota(7) and maildirmake(1) manual
       pages.  Instead of setting up your mail server to deliver  the  message
       directly  to  a  maildir,  configure  the mail server to run the deliv-
       erquota program in order to deliver the message, and specify the  loca-
       tion of the maildir as the argument to deliverquota.

       The  second  argument  to  deliverquota is optional.  If present, quota
       specifies a new quota setting for this maildir.   Specifying  quota  is
       equivalent  to  running  maildirmake(1) with the -q option.  The second
       argument to deliverquota is considered obsolete, and may be removed  in
       the future.

       deliverquota  reads  the message from standard input and delivers it to
       maildir.  maildir may specify a path directly to a maildir folder,  not
       the   main   maildir  (as  long  as  the  folder  was  created  by  the
       maildirmake(1) command.

       The -c option automatically creates the maildir, and all missing parent
       subdirectories  (as  'mkdir -p').  This option should be used with cau-

       The -w N option places a  warning  message  into  the  maildir  if  the
       maildir  has  a  quota  setting, and after the message was successfully
       delivered the maildir was at least N percent full.  The warning message
       is  copied verbatim from /etc/courier/quotawarnmsg with the addition of
       the "Date:" and "Message-Id:" headers.  The warning is  repeated  every
       24 hours (at least), until the maildir drops below N percent full.

       deliverquota  delivers  the  message to the maildir and terminates with
       exit code 0 if the message can be delivered without going over quota.

       If the maildir is over its  specified  quota,  deliverquota  terminates
       with exit code 77 (EX_NOPERM).

       maildirquota(7),                                        maildirmake(1),

Double Precision, Inc.          27 August 2004                 DELIVERQUOTA(8)