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deliver(8)							   deliver(8)


  deliver - Delivers mail to an	IMAP mailbox


  /usr/bin/deliver [-d]	[-r address] [-f address] [-m mailbox] [-a auth-id]
  [-e] [-q] [-F	flag]... [userid]...

  deliver -E  days


  -d  Ignored for compatibility	with /bin/mail

  -r address
      Inserts a	Return-Path: header containing address

  -f address
      Inserts a	Return-Path: header containing address

  -m mailbox
      Delivers to mailbox.  If any userids are specified, attempts to deliver
      to user.userid.mailbox for each userid. If the access control list
      (ACL) on any such	mailbox	does not grant the sender the right to post
      mail (p right) or	if -m is not specified,	then delivers to the INBOX
      for the userid , regardless of the ACL on	the INBOX.

      If no userids are	specified, the deliver command attempts	to deliver to
      mailbox.	If the ACL on mailbox does not grant the sender	the p right,
      the delivery fails.

  -a auth-id
      Specifies	the authorization id of	the sender.  Defaults to "anonymous".

  -e  Enables duplicate	delivery suppression.  This suppresses delivery	of
      the message to a mailbox if a message with the same message-id (or
      resent-message-id) is recorded as	having already been delivered to the
      mailbox.	Records	the mailbox and	message-id/resent-message-id of	all
      successful deliveries.

  -q  Delivers a message even when the receiving mailbox is over its quota.

  -F flag
      Sets the system option or	keyword	flag on	the delivered message.

  -E days
      Removes the duplicate delivery database of entries older than days.


  The deliver command reads a message from the standard	input and delivers it
  to one or more IMAP mailboxes.

  The deliver command reads its	configuration options out of the imapd.conf
  file.	 Depending on the setting of the reject8bit field in the imapd.conf
  file,	deliver	either rejects messages	with 8-bit-set characters in the
  headers or changes these characters to X.


      Configuration file for the IMAP server


  Commands: cyradm(1), imapd(8), imapquota(8), reconstruct(8)

  Files: imapd.conf(4)