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COPY_HOME(8)                System Manager's Manual               COPY_HOME(8)

       copy_home - fetch default startup files for new home directories

       /home/groupname/copy_home  /home/groupname  /home/username

       Available  only  on  Sun  386i systems running a SunOS 4.0.x release or
       earlier.  Not a SunOS 4.1 release feature.

       Whenever snap(1) is used to add  a  new  user  account,  the  copy_home
       script  in  the  selected primary group's home directory is executed to
       copy the default files to the new user's home directory, and also  per-
       form any additional custom setup.

       copy_home copies default environment files, such as .cshrc, .login, and
       .orgrc, from a group's defaults directory to a new user's  home  direc-
       tory.   It  is started by user_agentd(8) when snap(1) is used to create
       new home directories on a Sun386i home directory server.

       Every new group created by snap(1) has a home directory, which  can  be
       accessed  using /home/groupname.  user_agentd(8) copies the contents of
       the Sun386i's default group, /home/users, into the  home  directory  of
       the  new  group.   This  includes  the  Welcome.txt file, the copy_home
       script, and the defaults directory .  copy_home can be modified to cus-
       tomize the default setup environment for new users in the group.

       snap(1), user_agentd(8)

       Sun386i SNAP Administration
       Sun386i Advanced Administration

                                6 October 1989                    COPY_HOME(8)