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conflict(8)							  conflict(8)


  conflict - search for	alias/password conflicts


  /usr/lib/mh/conflict [-help] [-mail name] [-search directory]	[alias-


      Prints a list of the valid options to this command.

  -mail	name
      Mails the	results	to the specified name.	Otherwise, the results are
      sent to the standard output.

  -search directory
      Searches directories other than /usr/spool/mail, and reports anomalies
      in those directories. The	-search	switch can appear more than once in
      an invocation to conflict, with different	directories named.


  The conflict program checks to see if	the interface between MH and tran-
  sport	system is in good shape. It also checks	for maildrops in
  /usr/spool/mail which	do not belong to a valid user. It assumes that no
  user name will start with a dot (.) and thus ignores files in
  /usr/spool/mail which	begin with a dot.

  The conflict program checks the entries in the specified alias files.	It
  parses the entries in	the same way that post would, and outputs any errors
  which	it finds. The program can be used to check the entries in a user's
  personal alias file, or in the system	alias file, /usr/lib/mh/MailAliases.
  If no	alias file is specified, conflict checks the system alias file.

  The conflict program also checks the /etc/group file for entries which do
  not belong to	a valid	user, and for users who	do not have a valid group
  number. In addition, duplicate users and groups are noted.

  The conflict program should be run under cron, or whenever system account-
  ing takes place.


      The system customization file.

      The system password file.

      The system group file.

      Program used to mail results, if the -mail option	is used.

      Directory	containing users' maildrops.


  Commands: cron(8)

  Files: mh-alias(4)