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CONFIG(8)                   System Manager's Manual                  CONFIG(8)

       config - build system configuration files

       /etc/config [ -p ] config_file

       Config  builds  a  set  of system configuration files from a short file
       which describes the sort of system that is being configured.   It  also
       takes  as input a file which tells config what files are needed to gen-
       erate a system.  This can be augmented by a configuration specific  set
       of  files  that  give alternate files for a specific machine.  (see the
       FILES section below) If the -p option is supplied, config will  config-
       ure a system for profiling; c.f.  kgmon(8), gprof(1).

       Config  should  be  run from the conf subdirectory of the system source
       (usually /sys/conf).  Config assumes that there is already a  directory
       ../config_file  created  and  it  places all its output files in there.
       The output of config consists of a number files:  ioconf.c  contains  a
       description  of  what i/o devices are attached to the system,; ubglue.s
       contains a set of interrupt service routines for  devices  attached  to
       the  UNIBUS; makefile is a file used by make(1) in building the system;
       a set of header files which contain the number of various devices  that
       will be compiled into the system; and a set of swap configuration files
       which contain definitions for the disk areas to be used  for  swapping,
       the root file system, argument processing, and system dumps.

       After  running  config,  it  is  necessary  to run "make depend" in the
       directory where the new makefile was created.  Config  reminds  you  of
       this when it completes.

       If  you  get  any  other error messages from config, you should fix the
       problems in your configuration file and try again.  If you try to  com-
       pile  a system that had configuration errors, you will likely meet with

       /sys/conf/makefile.vax   generic makefile for the VAX
       /sys/conf/files     list of common files system is built from
       /sys/conf/files.vax list of VAX specific files
       /sys/conf/devices.vax    name to major device mapping file for the VAX
       /sys/conf/files.ERNIE    list of files specific to ERNIE system

       ``Building 4.2BSD UNIX System with Config''
       The SYNOPSIS portion of each device in section 4.

       The line numbers reported in error messages are usually off by one.

4th Berkeley Distribution        28 July 1983                        CONFIG(8)