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COMPAT_SUNOS(8)         OpenBSD System Manager's Manual        COMPAT_SUNOS(8)

     compat_sunos - setup for running SunOS binaries under emulation

     OpenBSD/sparc and some of the OpenBSD/m68k architectures can run SunOS
     executables.  Most executables will work.

     The SunOS compatibility feature is active for kernels compiled with the
     COMPAT_SUNOS option and kern.emul.sunos sysctl(8) enabled.

     Compatibility with SunOS version 5 and later, better known as Solaris, is
     not addressed by these instructions; please read the compat_svr4(8) manu-
     al page instead.

     The exceptions include programs that use the SunOS kvm library, and vari-
     ous system calls, ioctl()'s, or kernel semantics that are difficult to
     emulate.  The number of reasons why a program might fail to work is
     (thankfully) longer than the number of programs that fail to run.

     Static executables will normally run without any extra setup.  This pro-
     cedure details the directories and files that must be set up to allow dy-
     namically linked executables to work.

     The files needed can be found on the SunOS machine.  The user is respon-
     sible for the legal issues of ensuring that they have a right to use the
     required files on their machine.  On the OpenBSD machine, do the follow-

        1.   mkdir -p /emul/sunos/usr/lib /emul/sunos/usr/5lib

        2.   cp SunOS:/usr/lib/lib*.so.*.* OpenBSD:/emul/sunos/usr/lib

        3.   cp SunOS:/usr/5lib/lib*.so.*.* OpenBSD:/emul/sunos/usr/5lib

        4.   cp SunOS:/usr/lib/ld.so OpenBSD:/emul/sunos/usr/lib/ld.so

        5.   If YP is going to be used, create a link:
             ln -s /var/run/ypbind.lock /etc/ypbind.lock

     Alternatively, an NFS mount can accomplish the same effect.  On the
     OpenBSD machine, do the following:

        1.   mkdir -p /emul/sunos/usr

        2.   mount SunOS:/usr /emul/sunos/usr

     This will place the SunOS libraries on the OpenBSD machine in a location
     where the SunOS compatibility code will look first, in order to avoid
     conflict with the standard libraries.


     A list of things which fail to work in compatibility mode should be here.

OpenBSD 3.6                      June 15, 1994                               1