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cfgmgr(8)							    cfgmgr(8)


  cfgmgr - Configuration management server




  The cfgmgr configuration management server works with	the kernel load
  server (kloadsrv) daemon to manage the subsystems that are dynamically con-
  figurable, loadable, or both.	 The cfgmgr server starts up automatically
  when a client	(such as the sysconfig command)	makes a	configuration manage-
  ment request.	  Examples of configuration management requests	are requests
  to configure,	reconfigure, query, or unconfigure a subsystem.

  The cfgmgr server allows query operations from any superuser (root login),
  local	or remote.  The	superuser on the local system is also allowed to con-
  figure, reconfigure, or unconfigure local kernel subsystems.	 Remote
  access to the	kernel subsystem configuration is allowed through the
  /etc/cfgmgr.auth file.  System administrators	working	on hosts listed	in
  that file can	also configure,	reconfigure, or	unconfigure local kernel sub-
  systems.  If the /etc/cfgmgr.auth file does not exist	or is empty, no
  remote users are allowed to configure, reconfigure, or unconfigure local
  kernel subsystems.

  If you use the sysconfig -v command, the cfgmgr server displays debugging
  information to the /dev/console screen. See the sysconfig(8) reference page
  for more information about the -v option.


  Commands: sysconfig(8), sysconfigdb(8), kloadsrv(8)

  Files: cfgmgr.auth(4)