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cdslinvchk(8)							cdslinvchk(8)


  cdslinvchk - Checks the CDSL inventory of the	base operating system and
  layered applications.


  /usr/sbin/cdslinvchk [log_file_path]


      The path name to a location for the log file.  By	default	this will be


  Use the cdslinvchk script to verify the current inventory of Context Depen-
  dent Symbolic	Links (CDSLs) on a running system.  CDSLs are special sym-
  bolic	links that enable a system to work in a	cluster.  If CDSLs are
  accidentally removed,	your system will not function correctly	in a cluster.
  While	this is	not a problem for stand-alone systems, you may not be able to
  add the system as a member of	a working cluster at some future time.	You
  can run this script at any time or configure it to run at system start-up,
  or as	a cron task.

  When you invoke the script, it checks	the CDSLs on the running system
  against CDSLs	of the installed inventory in /usr/.smdb and the additional
  entries in /var/adm/cdsl_admin.inv, and ensures that each target file
  exists on the	system as a properly-constituted CDSL. If the check is suc-
  cessful, the following message is displayed and the script terminates:

       Successful CDSL inventory check

  If the script	finds inconsistencies in the inventory,	warning	messages are
  displayed on your terminal and logged	to the default log file	at
  /var/adm/cdsl_check_list.  You can specify an	alternate location for the
  log fill if required.	 The script locates any	modified, missing, or
  replaced CDSLs.  Note	that the previous copy of the log file is renamed and
  retained for reference and is	renamed	by appending .old to the filename.

  Refer	to the System Administration guide for information on recreating any
  missing or broken CDSLs.  Refer to the hier(5) reference page	for an inven-
  tory of CDSLs.


  One or more of the following messages	may be displayed and logged to the
  log file:

    +  Unable to create	<&lt;pathname>&gt; report file -- the script was not able to
       create a	log file.  Check the target directory and security.

    +  Expected	CDSL: <&lt;cdsl_pathname>&gt; ->&gt; <&lt;pathname>&gt;

    +  CDSL Target has been modified to: <&lt;pathname>&gt;

    +  CDSL has	been replaced with <&lt;pathname>&gt;

    +  CDSL is missing

    +  Failed CDSL inventory check. See	details	in <&lt;log	file>&gt;


      Additional inventory file	entries.  This file will not exist on all

  /var/adm/cdsl_check_list, /var/adm/cdsl_check_list.old
      The current and previous log files for inventory errors and messages


  Commands: cron(8)

  Others: hier(5)

  See also the System Administration guide for details of CDSLs