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BUGFILER(8)               BSD System Manager's Manual              BUGFILER(8)

     bugfiler - file bug reports in folders automatically

     bugfiler [-ar] [-v version]

     Bugfiler is a program to automatically intercept, acknowledge, redis-
     tribute and store bug reports.  Bugfiler is normally invoked by the mail
     delivery program with a line similar to the following in /etc/aliases.

           bugs:   "|bugfiler"

     It should be noted that the login ``bugs'' must exist for the bugfiler to
     run.  Unless otherwise noted all paths used by bugfiler are relative to
     the home directory of this login.  Bugfiler also expects all of its files
     and directories to be owned by ``bugs''.

     Available options.

     -a      Do not send automatic mail acknowledgement to the bug report fil-
             er.  (The default is to send the acknowledgement with the file
             ~bugs/version/bug:ack appended).

     -r      Do not redistribute.

     -v version
             Override the version provided within the bug report itself.

     For the bug report to be correctly filed, it must contain a line in the
     following format:

           Index:   folder    version

     The directories ~bugs/version and ~bugs/version/folder must exist before
     bugfiler attempts to store the bug report.  Bug reports will be stored in
     files named by the concatenation of version, folder, and sequential num-
     bers, i.e. if version is ``4.3 BSD'' and folder is ``ucb'' the first bug
     report will be placed in ~bugs/4.3BSD/ucb/1. If folder contains more than
     one component only the first one will be used, e.g. if folder is
     ``bin/from.c'' or ``bin/adb/con.c'' it will be treated as if it were sim-
     ply ``bin''.

     If the -r flag is not supplied, redistribution of the bug reports is done
     as specified in the file ~bugs/version/bug:redist. This file is in the
     format of the aliases(5) file, including comments and entries requiring
     multiple lines, with the single exception that the folder component of
     the ``Index:'' line replaces the name to alias.  The special folder
     ``all:'' receives a redistribution of all bug reports sent to this
     version. For example, the bug:redist file

           #       bigbug gets a copy of everything
           all:    bigbug
           #       ucb folder redistribution list
           ucb:    karels, kjdATcoke.edu

     will send copies of all bug reports with ``ucb'' as the folder to bigbug,
     karels, kjd, and ra.

     Reports that cannot be filed, due to an invalid ``Index:'' line or some
     other error, are placed in the directory ~bugs/errors. The bugfiler main-
     tainer should correct these bug reports and then run bugfiler, with the
     corrected report as its standard input, as bug reports with errors are
     neither acknowledged or redistributed.  All reports that bugfiler handles
     are logged in ~bugs/log.

     Valid bugs are also logged in the file ~bugs/version/summary. This file
     has an entry for each bug report for version in the format:

           Filename        Date
                Owner:     Bugs Bunny
                Status:    Received

     Filename is the concatenation of version, folder, and a number as de-
     scribed above.  Date is the date as reported by the system clock, using
     ctime(3).  The Subject: and Index: lines are copies of the ``Subject:''
     and ``index:'' lines contained in the bug report.  The Owner and Status
     fields are intended to provide a rudimentary method of tracking the sta-
     tus of bug reports.

     The file ~bugs/bug:lock is the focus of all locking for bugfiler. If you
     wish to manipulate any of the log or error files, rename or remove it and
     bugfiler will treat all bug reports that it receives as if they were in-
     correctly formatted, i.e. it will place them in the directory
     ~bugs/errors, for later recovery by the bugfiler maintainer.  Obviously,
     this file must be created when you first install bugfiler.

     All errors that occur before ~bugs/log is found are logged into the sys-
     tem log file, using syslog(8).

     ~bugs/bug:ack                the acknowledgement message
     ~bugs/bug:redist             the redistribution list
     ~bugs/bug:lock               the locking file
     ~bugs/errors/BUG_??????      bug reports with format errors
     ~bugs/log                    the log file
     ~bugs/folder/summary         the summary files
     /usr/sbin/sendmail           the mail delivery program
     /usr/share/misc/bugformat    a sample bug report format

     sendbug(1),  aliases(5),  syslog(8)

     Since mail can be forwarded in a number of different ways, bugfiler does
     not recognize forwarded mail and will acknowledge to the forwarder in-
     stead of the original sender unless there is a ``Reply-To'' field in the

     This version of bugfiler is not compatible with the version released with
     4.3BSD in that it doesn't complain to the sender about incorrectly for-
     matted bug reports.  Frankly, we got tired of the profanity, not to men-
     tion the extended conversations bugfiler was holding with vacation(1).

     The bugfiler command appeared in 4.2BSD.

4.2 Berkeley Distribution      December 11, 1993                             2