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BUGFILER(8)                 System Manager's Manual                BUGFILER(8)

       bugfiler - file bug reports in folders automatically

       bugfiler [ mail directory ]

       Bugfiler is a program to automatically intercept bug reports, summarize
       them and store them in the appropriate  sub  directories  of  the  mail
       directory  specified  on  the  command  line  or the (system dependent)
       default.  It is designed to be compatible with the Rand MH mail system.
       Bugfiler  is  normally  invoked  by  the  mail delivery program through
       aliases(5) with a line such as the following in /usr/lib/aliases.

            bugs:"|bugfiler /usr/bugs/mail"

       It reads the message from the standard input or the named file,  checks
       the format and returns mail acknowledging receipt or a message indicat-
       ing the proper format.  Valid reports are then summarized and filed  in
       the  appropriate  folder.  Users can then log onto the system and check
       the summary file for bugs that pertain to them.  Bug reports  are  sub-
       mitted in RFC822 format and must contain the following header lines:

            Date: <date the report is received>
            From: <valid return address>
            Subject: <short summary of the problem>
            Index: <source directory>/<source file> <version> [Fix]

       In  addition,  the body of the message must contain a line which begins
       with ``Description:'' followed by zero or  more  lines  describing  the
       problem  in detail and a line beginning with ``Repeat-By:'' followed by
       zero or more lines describing how to repeat the problem.  If  the  key-
       word  `Fix' is specified in the `Index' line, then there must also be a
       line beginning with ``Fix:'' followed by a diff  of  the  old  and  new
       source files or a description of what was done to fix the problem.

       The  `Index' line is the key to the filing mechanism. The source direc-
       tory name must match one of the folder names  in  the  mail  directory.
       The  message  is  then  filed in this folder and a line appended to the
       summary file in the following format:

            <folder name>/<message number>     <Index info>
                                     <Subject info>

       /usr/new/lib/mh/deliver  mail delivery program
       /usr/new/lib/mh/unixtomh converts unix mail format to mh format
       maildir/.ack             the message sent in acknowledgement
       maildir/.format          the  message  sent  when  format  errors   are
       maildir/summary          the summary file
       maildir/Bf??????         temporary copy of the input message
       maildir/Rp??????         temporary file for the reply message.

       mh(1), newaliases(1), aliases(5)

       Since  mail  can  be  forwarded in a number of different ways, bugfiler
       does not recognize forwarded mail and will reply/complain to  the  for-
       warder  instead  of  the  original  sender unless there is a `Reply-To'
       field in the header.

       Duplicate messages should be discarded or recognized and put  somewhere

4th Berkeley Distribution        18 July 1983                      BUGFILER(8)