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bttape(8)							    bttape(8)


  bttape - Bootable Tape Creation utility


  /usr/sbin/sysman bttape [-ui cui | gui [-display displayname]	]


  -ui Specifies	the user interface to be invoked.  The choices are:

      cui     Invokes the command line interface.

      gui     Invokes the graphical user interface.

      Specific command line options that will be used to interact.


  The Bootable Tape Creation utility is	used by	the system administrator to
  create a bootable system image, that consists	of a standalone	kernel and
  copies of specified file systems. This standalone kernel is known as a
  miniroot and contains	the requirements for a minimal operating system.

  In the event of a crash recovery, the	system administrator can boot and
  restore file systems from the	bootable system	image by using the btex-
  tract(8) utility.

  During the creation of the bootable system image, you	are prompted for the
  kernel name, the tape	device,	and the	type of	miniroot file system, that
  is, a	memory file system or disk partition to	be used	for the	bootable tape

  You are also prompted	for the	pathname of the	Miniroot Append	file, which
  lets you specify which additional files or directories should	be included
  in the miniroot. The size of the Miniroot Append file	should not exceed
  360KB.  You are also prompted	for the	pathname of the	File System Backup
  File which defines which file	systems	are backed up to tape. Each line of
  this file specifies one file system by its device name, mount	point, and
  type of file system.	The bttape(8) utility provides for the creation	and
  modification of these	files.

  The bttape command has two user interface options:

    +  Graphical user interface	(GUI)

    +  Command line interface (CUI)

  Online help is available for the bttape application.	To get help, select
  any Help button or use the Help pull-down menu.

  Running the Graphical	User Interface Option:

  The bttape application can be	invoked	from:

       The CDE Application Manager
       Application Group: System_Admin
       System Admin SubGroup: Storage_Management

  To start bttape from the command line, enter:

       /usr/sbin/sysman	bttape -gui

  Running the Command Line Interface Option:

  To start the bttape command line interface, enter the	following command
  from the terminal:

       /usr/sbin/sysman	bttape -ui cui [cuioptions]


  You must have	the appropriate	privileges to use this application.


      Bootable Tape Creation utility Help Volume

      Managment	interface files

  Miniroot Append File
      User-defined file

  File System Backup File
      User-defined file	to designate which file	systems	to back	up


  Commands: X(1X), btcreate(8),	btextract(8)

  System Administration