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bootpgw(8)							   bootpgw(8)


  bootpgw - Internet BOOTP Protocol gateway


  /usr/opt/obsolete/usr/sbin/bootpgw [-d level]	[-t timeout] [-h hopcount]
  [-w waittime]	server [server...]


  -d debug-level
      Sets the debug-level variable that controls the number of	debugging
      messages generated.  For example,	-d 4 sets the debugging	level to 4.

  -h hopcount
      Sets the maximum hop count a BOOTP request can contain for this bootpgw
      daemon to	forward	the packet.  The default is 4.

  -t timeout
      Specifies	the timeout value (in minutes) that the	bootpgw	process	waits
      for a BOOTP packet before	exiting.  If no	packets	are received for
      timeout minutes, the program exits.  A timeout value of zero means run
      forever.	When the bootpgw daemon	is not started using the inetd dae-
      mon, this	option is forced to 0.

  -w waittime
      Specifies	the minimum wait time in seconds.  Requests are	forwarded
      only if the client has been waiting for at least the specified time.
      The default value	is 0.


      Specifies	the name or IP address of a BOOTP server to which the bootpgw
      forwards BOOTP requests.


  The bootpgw daemon implements	a simple BOOTP gateway that can	be used	to
  forward requests and responses between clients and BOOTP servers (for	exam-
  ple, bootpd) on different subnets. In	order to use the bootpgw daemon, you
  must install the Obsolete Commands and Utilities subset (OSFOBSOLETExxx).

  The bootpgw can be started by	the /usr/sbin/inetd daemon by specifying the
  following line in the	/etc/inetd.conf	file:

       bootps dgram udp	wait root /usr/sbin/bootpgw bootpgw server

  Note that server specifies the name or IP address of a bootp server to
  which	the bootpgw forwards bootp requests.

  You may not have the bootpd daemon and the bootpgw daemon running on the
  same system because they listen on the same bootps port.

  When the bootpgw daemon is started, it determines the	address	of a BOOTP
  server whose name is provided	as a command line parameter.  When the
  bootpgw daemon receives a BOOTREQUEST	packet,	it sets	the gateway address
  and hop count	fields in the packet and forwards it to	the BOOTP server at
  the address determined earlier.

  Then the bootpgw daemon looks	in the /etc/services file to find the port
  numbers it should use.  The following	two entries are	extracted:

      The bootp	server listening port.

      The destination port used	to reply to clients.  If the port numbers
      cannot be	determined this	way, they are assumed to be 67 for the server
      and 68 for the client.


  You cannot run bootpgw and bprelay on	the same system	at the same time.


      Defines the sockets and protocols	used for Internet services.


  Commands: bootpd(8), bprelay(8), inetd(8), joind(8)

  DARPA	Internet Request For Comments:

  Bootstrap Protocol (RFC 951),

  Clarifications and Extensions	for the	Bootstrap Protocol (RFC	1532)