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autopush(8)							  autopush(8)


  autopush - Manages the system's database of automatically pushed STREAMS


  /usr/sbin/autopush -ffile

  /usr/sbin/autopush -r	  -M major -m minor

  /usr/sbin/autopush -g	  -M major -m minor


  -f file
      Sets up the system database that contains	the lists of modules to	be
      automatically pushed on the streams for STREAMS devices. The file	argu-
      ment specifies the system	file from which	the command will copy this
      configuration information. The -f	option is also used to place a
      device's configuration information back into the database.

  -g -M	major -m minor
      Gets the configuration information in the	system database	for the
      STREAMS major and	minor device or	devices	specified by the -M and	-m

  -r -M	major -m minor
      Removes the configuration	information in the system's database for the
      STREAMS major and	minor device or	devices	specified by the -M and	-m


  The autopush command manages the system's database of	information for	the
  automatic configuration of STREAMS devices. The autopush command's options
  are mutually exclusive.

  The command initializes the database with the	names of the STREAMS devices
  to be	automatically configured and a list of modules to use for each device
  (-f option). When a device is	subsequently opened, the STREAMS subsystem
  pushes the modules on	the stream for the device. The autopush	command	also
  displays the current configuration information for a device in the database
  (-g option), removes the information for a device from the database (-r
  option), and replaces	the information	that has previously been removed (-f
  option).  When the -f	option is used to replace information in the data-
  base,	the entire contents of the configuration file are copied. Also,	the
  -r option removes information	only temporarily, because it acts on the
  database. To permanently exclude a STREAMS device from the database, you
  must remove its information from the configuration file.

  A device stream can be automatically constructed for a STREAMS major dev-
  ice, a major device and any associated minor devices,	or just	the minor
  devices, depending on	the information	in the configuration file. Tru64 UNIX
  provides the autopush.conf file for use as a configuration file. You can
  use another file as long as the information in the file is written in	the
  correct format. The autopush.conf file contains one-line entries for each
  of the STREAMS devices that are to be	automatically configured in the	sys-
  tem. A line contains at least	four fields:

      Contains an integer representing the STREAMS device's major device.

      Contains an integer representing one or more minor devices associated
      with the major device.  If minor has a value of -1, then all the minor
      devices of the driver specified by major are given the same autopush

      Contains an integer representing the last	minor device in	a range	asso-
      ciated with the major device.  If	last_minor has a value of 0 (zero),
      then the major device has	only a single minor device for which the same
      stream must be constructed.

      Contains the name	of the module to be automatically pushed onto the
      stream. There can	be multiple module name	fields,	up to a	maximum	of
      eight, separated by spaces or commas. The	autopush command pushes
      modules in the order in which they are listed. This means	that the
      first module named is positioned just above the STREAMS device driver.

  The configuration file can also contain comment lines, which begin with #
  (number sign)	and end	with newline.

  If the major and minor arguments specified by	the -M and -m options of the
  -r option option designate a range of	minor devices, and minor matches the
  first	minor device number in the range, then the autopush command removes
  the configuration information	for all	of the minor devices of	the major

  If the major and minor arguments specified by	the -M and -m options of the
  -g option option are set for a range in the configuration file, the auto-
  push command returns the configuration information for the first minor dev-
  ice number, in addition to the other information.


   1.  To set up the automatic configuration information for the STREAMS dev-
       ices in the system, enter:
	    autopush -f	 /etc/autopush.conf

   2.  To obtain information about the stream for major	device 28 and its
       minor device -2,	enter:
	    autopush -g	-M 28 -m -2


      Specifies	the modules to be pushed onto the streams for STREAMS dev-


  Files: streamio(7)