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LUFS(1)                                                                LUFS(1)

       lufs - utilities around the Linux Userland Filesysystem

       This  manpage briefly documents various tools of the lufs-utils package
       because the original source package did not contain manpages for  them.
       Most  commands provide a short help message, call them with -h argument
       to see it.

              lufsmount is a frontend used to mount different filesystems  via
              the    lufs    module.    See    lufsmount   (1)   manpage   and
              /usr/share/doc/lufs-utils/README.Debian for details.

              lufsmount is a umount frontend used to unmount lufs shares.  See
              lufsmount      (1)     manpage     and      /usr/share/doc/lufs-
              utils/README.Debian for details.

              lufsmnt   is   a   suid   wrapper   called   by   lufsd.     See
              /usr/share/doc/lufs-utils/README.Debian for instructions to con-
              figure it as suid-root program.

       lussh  lussh is a helper script that does  obligatory  work  needed  to
              create  the  OpenSSH  key pair and install it on a remote system

       lufsd  lufsd is the backend program that actually communicates  between
              the  filesystem  module  in the kernel and the libraries for the
              remote access. Can also be invoked as mount.lufs.

       auto.ftpfs, auto.sshfs
              auto.* helpers that act as automount  maps.  See  auto.master(5)
              and automount(8) manpages for instructions.

       Module  was  written  by Eduard Bloch <bladeATdebian.org> for the Debian
       distribution but may be used by others.

                               15 September 2003                       LUFS(1)