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ARP(8C)                                                                ARP(8C)

       arp - address resolution display and control

       arp hostname

       arp -a [ vmunix [ kmem ] ]

       arp -d hostname

       arp -s hostname ether_address [ temp ] [ pub ] [ trail ]

       arp -f filename

       The  arp program displays and modifies the Internet-to-Ethernet address
       translation tables used by the address resolution protocol (arp(4P)).

       With no flags, the program displays the current ARP entry for hostname.
       The  host  may  be  specified  by name or by number, using Internet dot

       -a     Display all of the current ARP entries by reading the table from
              the  file kmem (default /dev/kmem) based on the kernel file vmu-
              nix (default /vmunix).

       -d     Delete an entry for the host called hostname.  This  option  may
              only be used by the super-user.

       -s     Create an ARP entry for the host called hostname with the Ether-
              net address ether_address.  The Ethernet address is given as six
              hex  bytes  separated  by  colons.   The entry will be permanent
              unless the word temp is given in the command.  If the  word  pub
              is given, the entry will be published, for instance, this system
              will respond to ARP requests for hostname even though the  host-
              name  is  not  its  own.   The word trail indicates that trailer
              encapsulations may be sent to this host.

       -f     Read the file named filename and set multiple entries in the ARP
              tables.  Entries in the file should be of the form

                     hostname ether_address [ temp ] [ pub ] [ trail ]

              with argument meanings as given above.

       arp(4P), ifconfig(8C)

                               17 November 1987                        ARP(8C)