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AC(8)                     BSD System Manager's Manual                    AC(8)

     ac -- connect time accounting

     ac [-dp] [-t tty] [-w wtmp] [users ...]

     If the file /var/log/wtmp exists, a record of individual login and logout
     times are written to it by login(1) and init(8), respectively.  The ac
     utility examines these records and writes the accumulated connect time
     (in hours) for all logins to the standard output.

     The options are as follows:

     -d         Display the connect times in 24 hour chunks.

     -p         Print individual users' totals.

     -t tty     Only do accounting logins on certain ttys.  The tty specifica-
                tion can start with '!' to indicate not this tty and end with
                '*' to indicate all similarly named ttys.  Multiple -t flags
                may be specified.

     -w wtmp    Read connect time data from wtmp instead of the default file,

     users ...  Display totals for the given individuals only.

     If no arguments are given, ac displays the total connect time for all
     accounts with login sessions recorded in wtmp.

     The default wtmp file will increase without bound unless it is truncated.
     It is normally truncated by the daily scripts run by cron(8), which
     rename and rotate the wtmp files, keeping a week's worth of data on hand.
     No login or connect time accounting is performed if /var/log/wtmp does
     not exist.

     For example,

     ac -p -t "ttyd*" > modems
     ac -p -t "!ttyd*" > other

     allows times recorded in modems to be charged out at a different rate
     than other.

     The ac utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

     /var/log/wtmp  connect time accounting file

     login(1), utmp(5), init(8), sa(8)

BSD                             March 15, 1994                             BSD