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MAKEDEV(8)							   MAKEDEV(8)


  MAKEDEV - makes system special files


  /dev/MAKEDEV [argument] [device-name?...]


  The MAKEDEV shell script is normally used to install special files. It
  resides in the /dev directory, the normal location of	special	files. Argu-
  ments	to MAKEDEV are usually of the form device-name?	where device-name is
  one of the supported devices listed in Section 7 of the Reference Pages and
  ? is a logical unit number. The argument operand is one of the following
  special arguments that create	assorted collections of	devices:

  std	  Creates all standard device files for	all systems.

	  Standard devices for Alpha systems (in the order they	are created)
	  are as follows: klog,	kcon, kbinlog, kmem, mem, null,	vmzcore, con-
	  sole,	ws0, mouse0, keyboard0,	tty, pty0, pty1, ptmx, cam, audit,
	  prf, pfcntr, zero, snmpinfo, lockdev,	and sysdev0.

  latn	  Creates a set	of 16 LAT device special files,	one for	each LAT ter-
	  minal	device.	The n specifies	the set	option.	The set	option range
	  is 0 to 38. Specifying lat38 creates 12 LAT device special files.

  PTY_#	  Creates groups of pseudoterminal device special files, as follows:

	  PTY_1	  Creates pty0 to pty22.

	  PTY_2	  Creates pty23	to pty45.

	  PTY_3	  Creates pty46	to pty56.

	  PTY_4	  Creates pty57	to pty64.

	  PTY_5	  Creates pty65	to pty72.

	  PTY_6	  Creates pty73	to pty80.

	  PTY_7	  Creates pty81	to pty88.

	  PTY_8	  Creates pty89	to pty96.

	  PTY_9	  Creates pty97	to pty101.

	  The #	specifies the group of pseudoterminal device special files

  pfilt#  Creates a group of packet filter device special files, as follows:

	  pfilt	  Creates pfilt0 to pfilt63.

	  pfilt64 Creates pfilt0 to pfilt63.

		  Creates pfilt0 to pfilt127.

		  Creates pfilt0 to pfilt255.

		  Creates pfilt0 to pfilt511.

		  Creates pfilt0 to pfilt1023.

		  Creates pfilt0 to pfilt2047.

		  Creates pfilt0 to pfilt3071.

		  Creates pfilt0 to pfilt4095.

	  The #	specifies the number of	ppacket	filter device special files

  local	  Creates those	devices	specific to the	local site.  This request
	  causes the shell file	/dev/MAKEDEV.local to be executed.  This file
	  must exist prior to using the	local argument.	Site specific com-
	  mands, such as those used to setup dialup lines as ttyd? and to
	  create device	special	files for all non-Compaq devices, should be
	  included in this file.

  Because all devices are created using	mknod(8) this shell script is useful
  only to the superuser.


  The MAKEDEV script installs files in the current working directory.
  Although device special files	can be located anywhere	on the system, they
  are usually created in the /dev directory, since this	is where most appli-
  cations expect to find them.

  Refer	to the dsfmgr(8) reference page	for information	on the Device Special
  File Manager program.


  Either self-explanatory, or generated	by one of the programs called from
  the script.  Use sh -x MAKEDEV in case of trouble.


  Commands: config(8), dsfmgr(8), mknod(8)

  Interfaces: intro(7),	packetfilter(7), pty(7)