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ME(7)                  BSD Reference Manual                 ME(7)

       me - macros for formatting papers

       nroff -me [ options ] file ...
       troff -me [ options ] file ...

       This package of nroff and troff macro definitions provides
       a canned formatting facility for technical papers in vari-
       ous  formats.   When producing 2-column output on a termi-
       nal, filter the output through col(1).

       The macro requests are  defined  below.   Many  nroff  and
       troff  requests  are unsafe in conjunction with this pack-
       age, however, these requests may  be  used  with  impunity
       after the first .pp:

              .bp     begin new page
              .br     break output line here
              .sp n   insert n spacing lines
              .ls n   (line spacing) n=1 single, n=2 double space
              .na     no alignment of right margin
              .ce n   center next n lines
              .ul n   underline next n lines
              .sz +n  add n to point size

       Output  of  the eqn, neqn, refer, and tbl(1) preprocessors
       for equations and tables is acceptable as input.


       eqn(1), troff(1), refer(1), tbl(1)
       -me Reference Manual, Eric P. Allman
       Writing Papers with Nroff Using -me

       In the following  list,  "initialization"  refers  to  the
       first .pp, .lp, .ip, .np, .sh, or .uh macro.  This list is
       incomplete; see The -me Reference Manual  for  interesting

Request      Initial Cause Explanation
             Value   Break
.(c          -       yes   Begin centered block
.(d          -       no    Begin delayed text
.(f          -       no    Begin footnote
.(l          -       yes   Begin list

3rd Berkeley Distribution  June 5, 1993                         1

ME(7)                  BSD Reference Manual                 ME(7)

.(q          -       yes   Begin major quote
.(x x        -       no    Begin indexed item in index x
.(z          -       no    Begin floating keep
.)c          -       yes   End centered block
.)d          -       yes   End delayed text
.)f          -       yes   End footnote
.)l          -       yes   End list
.)q          -       yes   End major quote
.)x          -       yes   End index item
.)z          -       yes   End floating keep
.++  m  H      -       no    Define paper section.  m defines the
                           part of the paper, and can be C (chap-
                           ter),  A  (appendix),  P (preliminary,
                           e.g.,  abstract,  table  of  contents,
                           etc.),  B (bibliography), RC (chapters
                           renumbered from page  one  each  chap-
                           ter),  or RA (appendix renumbered from
                           page one).
.+c T        -       yes   Begin chapter (or appendix,  etc.,  as
                           set  by .++).  T is the chapter title.
.1c          1       yes   One column format on a new page.
.2c          1       yes   Two column format.
.EN          -       yes   Space after equation produced  by  eqn
                           or neqn.
.EQ  x  y      -       yes   Precede  equation; break out and add
                           space.  Equation  number  is  y.   The
                           optional argument x may be I to indent
                           equation (default), L  to  left-adjust
                           the equation, or C to center the equa-
.GE          -       yes   End gremlin picture.
.GS          -       yes   Begin gremlin picture.
.PE          -       yes   End pic picture.
.PS          -       yes   Begin pic picture.
.TE          -       yes   End table.
.TH          -       yes   End heading section of table.
.TS x        -       yes   Begin table;  if  x  is  H  table  has
                           repeated heading.
.ac A N      -       no    Set up for ACM style output.  A is the
                           Author's name(s), N is the total  num-
                           ber  of  pages.   Must be given before
                           the first initialization.
.b x         no      no    Print x in boldface;  if  no  argument
                           switch to boldface.
.ba  +n       0       yes   Augments  the base indent by n.  This
                           indent is used to set  the  indent  on
                           regular text (like paragraphs).
.bc          no      yes   Begin new column
.bi x        no      no    Print x in bold italics (nofill only)
.bu          -       yes   Begin bulleted paragraph
.bx x        no      no    Print x in a box (nofill only).

3rd Berkeley Distribution  June 5, 1993                         2

ME(7)                  BSD Reference Manual                 ME(7)

.ef 'x'y'z'  ''''    no    Set even footer to x  y  z
.eh 'x'y'z'  ''''    no    Set even header to x  y  z
.fo 'x'y'z'  ''''    no    Set footer to x  y  z
.hx          -       no    Suppress  headers  and footers on next
.he 'x'y'z'  ''''    no    Set header to x  y  z
.hl          -       yes   Draw a horizontal line
.i x         no      no    Italicize x; if x missing, italic text
.ip x y      no      yes   Start indented paragraph, with hanging
                           tag x.  Indentation is y ens  (default
.lp          yes     yes   Start left-blocked paragraph.
.lo          -       no    Read  in a file of local macros of the
                           form .*x.  Must be given  before  ini-
.np          1       yes   Start numbered paragraph.
.of 'x'y'z'  ''''    no    Set odd footer to x  y  z
.oh 'x'y'z'  ''''    no    Set odd header to x  y  z
.pd          -       yes   Print delayed text.
.pp          no      yes   Begin paragraph.  First line indented.
.r           yes     no    Roman text follows.
.re          -       no    Reset tabs to default values.
.sc          no      no    Read in a file of  special  characters
                           and  diacritical marks.  Must be given
                           before initialization.
.sh n x      -       yes   Section head follows,  font  automati-
                           cally  bold.  n is level of section, x
                           is title of section.
.sk          no      no    Leave the next page blank.   Only  one
                           page is remembered ahead.
.sm x        -       no    Set x in a smaller pointsize.
.sz +n       10p     no    Augment the point size by n points.
.th          no      no    Produce  the  paper  in thesis format.
                           Must be given before initialization.
.tp          no      yes   Begin title page.
.u x         -       no    Underline argument  (even  in  troff).
                           (Nofill only).
.uh          -       yes   Like .sh but unnumbered.
.xp x        -       no    Print index x.

3rd Berkeley Distribution  June 5, 1993                         3