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KGDB(7)                    OpenBSD Reference Manual                    KGDB(7)

     kgdb - remote kernel debugging with gdb

     Should a programmer be dissatisfied with the OpenBSD kernel's internal
     debugger ddb(4), and have appropriate hardware available, a kernel with
     option KGDB may be built to effect remote debugging with gdb(1) instead.

     To prepare for debugging over serial line one would:

        o   Obtain a second system and a crossover serial cable.
        o   Connect the systems and test the cable.
        o   Build a kernel with option KGDB and makeoptions DEBUG="-g".
        o   Copy the resultant bsd.gdb to the control system, and boot the
            corresponding bsd on the target system.
        o   On the control system, run gdb on the kernel just copied.
        o   Issue the command "target remote /dev/<serial port>" within gdb.
            The target system should enter kgdb at this point.
        o   Debug as normal and detach when done, the target should resume
            normal operation.

     gdb(1), ddb(4), options(4)

     gdb info documents and online documentation.

     The remote connection will introduce certain latencies a local debugger
     would not see.

     Not available on all architectures.

OpenBSD 3.6                     August 23, 2001                              1