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JUKE(7)                Miscellaneous Information Manual                JUKE(7)

       juke - CD-ROM jukebox

       9fs juke

       Each  disc  in the jukebox appears as a directory in /n/juke.  Here are
       descriptions of many of them.

       ada                Ada Software Repository, 1993 edition.

       bookshelf          Microsoft bookshelf, 1987 edition.

       bookshop           Literature from Aeschylus to Wollstonecraft.

       bsd386             BSD/386 1.0 binary and source release from  Berkeley
                          Software Design, Inc.

       bwp.*              Business  white  pages for the U.S. (different issue
                          dates), from PhoneDisc.

       chess.[12]         Ken's chess endgames.

       comp.books         More literature, including ``Revolt  of  the  Cyber-

       comstock.v2        Black-and-white   stock   photographs   on  business

       cug                C and C++ source code from the C Users' Group, vols.
                          100-382 (1993).

       dcw.[1-4]          Digital  Chart  of the World from U.S. Department of
                          Defense, 1992 edition.

       dss.???            Digitized Sky Survey (102 discs covering  the  night
                          sky); access with scat(7).

       etl.[cd]           Library of images intended for OCR research.

       fractals           Fractal  Frenzy, V2.0 (1994): images by Lee H. Skin-
                          ner, with source code.

       freeware           ``A lot of free software for UNIX,'' from DEC (Nov.,
                          1992; cf.  ptf.*).

       gifs.galore        Thousands of full color GIF images in dozens of cat-

       giga.games         DOS and Windows executables.

       gnu                Code  from  the  Free  Software  Foundation:  X10R4,
                          X11R2, and X11R3 (1989).

       gnux11r5           Code   from  the  Free  Software  Foundation:  X11R5

       graphics_formats   Disc accompanying Encyclopedia of Graphics File For-
                          mats   by  James  D.  Murray  and  William  vanRyper
                          (O'Reilly and Associates, 1994), ISBN 1-56592-058-9.

       grips2             Government Raster Image Processing Software.

       gutenberg          Electronic Texts of the Gutenberg Project for  1991,
                          1992, and the first half of 1993.

       internet           ``12,000 documents about computers and networks.''

       lanl.92            ``Scientific   visualizations''   from   Los  Alamos
                          National Laboratory.

       libris_britannia   Public Domain/Shareware Library  (PDSL)  from  Great

       meckler            CDROMs in print.

       nasamg.05          NASA Magellan data (Venus).

       nasavg.??          NASA Voyager outer-planet data (12 discs).

       nasavo.2001        NASA Viking orbiter data (Mars).

       nist.hsf           National Institute of Standards and Technology Hand-
                          writing Sample Forms (experimental OCR system).

       plan_9.*           Releases of the Plan 9 operating system.

       ptf.*              Prime Time Freeware updates  (4  discs;  cf.   free-

       qrz!               Ham radio stuff.

       rwp[ew].*          Residential  white  pages  for  eastern  and western
                          regions of the U.S. (different  issue  dates),  from
                          PhoneDisc; access with 411.

       shakespeare        The immortal works of the bard (c. 1600).

       simtel_msdos       Simtel MSDOS Archive, October 1993 Edition.

       source             The  Simtel20  Unix-C archive, the USENET source ar-
                          chives, and a large collection of MSDOS source  code

       space              Space  and  Astronomy  CDROM; materials collected by
                          Space Station Freedom BBS, Louisville, KY.

       sprite             UCB's Sprite network operating system.

       supercomputing.93  Conference proceedings.

       taxinfo.93         For Windows; as yet not cracked for Plan 9.

       tiger90.*          Tiger geographic data base used  in  the  1990  U.S.
                          census (44 discs); cf.  road(7).

       torontosun.90      The Toronto Sun for 1990; includes all the articles,
                          plus PCX images of the front page.

       travel.adven       Photographs of cities,  landscapes,  mountains,  and
                          oceans  from  around the world, in GIF and TIFF for-

       uwedid1.[12]       ``University of Washington  English  Document  Image
                          Database I.''

       worldfact.90       CIA World Fact Book, 1990 edition.

       wp[cesw].*         White  pages  for  central,  eastern,  southern, and
                          western regions of the U.S. (different issue dates),
                          from ProPhone.

       wpf.*              The   AT&T  800-number  directory  (different  issue
                          dates), from ProPhone.

       ym.games           Games in source form intended for  a  Unix  environ-

       An NFS server is provided for Unix systems.  The invocation is:

              /etc/mount -o soft,intr dj:/ /n/juke

       There  are  only  four readers for hundreds of discs.  This material is
       not distributed outside Bell Labs.