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INTRO(7)                   OpenBSD Reference Manual                   INTRO(7)

     intro - miscellaneous information pages

     The manual pages in section 7 section contain miscellaneous documenta-

     ascii             Map of ASCII character set.
     des_modes         Variants of the DES algorithm.
     environ           User environment.
     groff_char        Groff character names.
     groff_mm          Groff mm macros.
     groff_mmse        Svenska mm macro for groff.
     groff_msafer      Groff -msafer macros.
     hier              File system hierarchy.
     hostname          Hostname resolution rules.
     kgdb              Remote kernel debugging with gdb.
     library-specs     Shared library name specifications.
     mailaddr          Mail addressing description.
     man               Troff `an' macros to support generation of man pages.
     mdoc              Troff macros to typeset manual pages.
     mdoc.samples      Guide to writing manual pages.
     me                Troff macros for formatting papers.
     mirroring-ports   How to build a mirror for ports distfiles.
     ms                Troff ms macros.
     operator          C operator precedence.
     packages          Overview of the binary package system.
     packages-specs    Binary package names specifications.
     ports             Contributed applications.
     re_format         POSIX 1003.2 regular expressions.
     securelevel       The securelevel kernel state and its effects.
     symlink           Symbolic link handling.
     term              Conventions for naming terminal types.

     An intro manual page appeared in 4.2BSD.

OpenBSD 3.6                      June 5, 1993                                1