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WORMS(6)                       BSD Games Manual                       WORMS(6)

     worms -- animate worms on a display terminal

     worms [-ft] [-d delay] [-l length] [-n number]

     A UNIX version of the DEC-2136 program ``worms''.

     The options are as follows:

     -d delay   Specifies a delay, in milliseconds, between each update.  This
                is useful for fast terminals.  Reasonable values are around
                20-200.  The default is based on the terminal speed.  If the
                terminal is 9600 baud or slower no delay is used.  Otherwise,
                the delay is computed via the following formula:

                      delay = speed / 9600 - 1

     -f         Makes a ``field'' for the worm(s) to eat.

     -l length  Specifies a length for each worm; the default is 16.

     -n number  Specifies the number of worms; the default is 3.

     -t         Makes each worm leave a trail behind it.

     The lower-right-hand character position will not be updated properly on a
     terminal that wraps at the right margin.

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