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WORM(6)                        BSD Games Manual                        WORM(6)

     worm -- play the growing worm game

     worm [size]

     In worm, you are a little worm: your body is the "o"'s on the screen and
     your head is the "@".  You move with the hjkl keys (as in the game
     snake(6)).  If you don't press any keys, you continue in the direction
     you last moved.  The upper case HJKL keys move you as if you had pressed
     several of the corresponding lower case key (9 for HL and 5 for JK, or
     until you run into a digit, whichever comes first).

     On the screen you will see a digit.  If your worm eats the digit it will
     grow longer by that number of "o"'s.  The object of the game is to see
     how long you can make the worm grow.

     The game ends when the worm runs into either the sides of the screen or
     itself.  The current score (how much the worm has grown) is kept in the
     upper right corner of the screen.

     The optional argument, size, is the initial length of the worm's body.
     The specified length will be rejected if it causes the worm to cover more
     than roughly one third of the screen.

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