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VWCVPH(6)                        Games Manual                        VWCVPH(6)

       vwcvph - view convex polyhedron

       /usr/demo/vwcvph filename

       vwcvph  allows  the user to view a convex polyhedron from various posi-
       tions with hidden surfaces removed.  The viewing position  is  selected
       using  the mouse.  Using the SunCore Graphics Package, a 3-D projection
       is drawn on the Sun Monochrome  Bitmap  Display.   The  mandatory  file
       argument  contains  a  polygonal  object definition as described in the
       manual page for /usr/demo/rotcvph.

       The program operates in two modes: DisplayObject  mode  and  SelectView
       mode.  The program starts in DisplayObject mode:

                     The  object  is  displayed in 3-D perspective with hidden
                     surfaces removed.  Type q while in this mode to exit  the
                     program. Press RIGHT mouse button to switch to SelectView

                     Schematic projections of the outline of  the  object  are
                     shown and the mouse is used to select a viewing position.
                     Press LEFT mouse button to set x and MIDDLE mouse  button
                     to  set  y in the Front View.  Use MIDDLE mouse button to
                     set z in the Top  View.   Press  RIGHT  mouse  button  to
                     switch to DisplayObject mode.

       The  view  shown  in  DisplayObject mode is drawn using the conventions
       that the viewer is always looking from the viewing position toward  the
       center  of the object and that the positive y axis on the screen is the
       projection of the positive y axis in object coordinates.

       The input file may define non-convex objects.  The program will display
       these  objects  but  hidden  surface computations will not be done cor-

       /usr/demo/data/*.dat          sample object definition files

       Lines which are common to two visible polygons  in  a  view  are  drawn
       twice, once for each polygon.

                               16 February 1988                      VWCVPH(6)