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ROBOTS(6)              BSD Reference Manual             ROBOTS(6)

       robots - fight off villainous robots

       robots [ -sjta ] [ scorefile ]

       Robots  pits  you  against  evil robots, who are trying to
       kill you (which is why they are  evil).   Fortunately  for
       you,  even  though they are evil, they are not very bright
       and have a habit of bumping into each other, thus destroy-
       ing themselves.  In order to survive, you must get them to
       kill each other off, since you have no offensive weaponry.

       Since  you  are  stuck without offensive weaponry, you are
       endowed with one piece of defensive weaponry: a teleporta-
       tion  device.   When  two  robots run into each other or a
       junk pile, they die.  If a robot runs into you,  you  die.
       When  a  robot  dies,  you get 10 points, and when all the
       robots die, you start on the next field.   This  keeps  up
       until they finally get you.

       Robots  are  represented  on the screen by a `+', the junk
       heaps from their collisions by a `*', and  you  (the  good
       guy) by a `@'.

       The commands are:

       h         move one square left
       l         move one square right
       k         move one square up
       j         move one square down
       y         move one square up and left
       u         move one square up and right
       b         move one square down and left
       n         move one square down and right
       .         (also space) do nothing for one turn
       HJKLBNYU  run as far as possible in the given direction
       >>         do nothing for as long as possible
       t         teleport to a random location
       w         wait until you die or they all do
       q         quit
       ^L        redraw the screen

       All commands can be preceded by a count.

       If  you use the `w' command and survive to the next level,
       you will get a bonus of 10%  for  each  robot  which  died
       after  you  decided to wait.  If you die, however, you get
       nothing.  For all other commands, the  program  will  save
       you from typos by stopping short of being eaten.  However,

4.3 Berkeley Distribution  May 31, 1993                         1

ROBOTS(6)              BSD Reference Manual             ROBOTS(6)

       with `w' you take the risk of dying by miscalculation.

       Only five scores are allowed per user on the  score  file.
       If  you make it into the score file, you will be shown the
       list at the end of the game.  If an alternate  score  file
       is  specified,  that  will be used instead of the standard
       file for scores.

       The options are

       -s     Don't play, just show the score file.

       -j     Jump, i.e., when you run, don't show any intermedi-
              ate  positions;  only show things at the end.  This
              is useful on slow terminals.

       -t     Teleport  automatically  when  you  have  no  other
              option.   This  is a little disconcerting until you
              get used to it, and then it is very nice.

       -a     Advance into the higher levels  directly,  skipping
              the lower, easier levels.

       Ken Arnold

       /usr/games/lib/robots_roll    the score file

       Bugs?  You crazy, man?!?

4.3 Berkeley Distribution  May 31, 1993                         2