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RECORD(6)                        Games Manual                        RECORD(6)

       record - record an audio file

       record  [  -a  ] [ -f ] [ -d dev ] [ -i info ] [ -t time ] [ -v vol ] [
       filename ]

       This command is only available  with  the  Demos  installation  option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       record  copies  audio data from the audio device to a named audio file.
       The output file will be prefixed by an audio file header.  The encoding
       information in this header is taken from the configuration of the audio
       device.  If no filename is present, or if the special filename  `-'  is
       specified, output is directed to the standard output stream.

       Recording begins immediately and continues until a SIGINT signal (CTRL-
       C) is received.  If the -t option is specified, record stops  when  the
       specified quantity of data has been recorded.

       If  the audio device is unavailable (that is, another process currently
       has read access), record prints an error message and exits immediately.

       -a        Append the data on the end of  the  named  audio  file.   The
                 audio  encoding  of the file must match the audio device con-

       -f        Force.  When the -a flag is specified, the sample rate of the
                 audio  file  must  match the device configuration.  If the -f
                 flag is also specified, sample rate differences are  ignored,
                 with a warning message printed to the standard error.

       -d dev    Specify  an alternate audio device from which input should be
                 taken.  If the -d option is not specified, /dev/audio is used
                 as the default audio device.

       -i info   The  `information'  field of the output file header is set to
                 the string specified by the info argument.  This  option  may
                 not be specified in conjunction with the -a argument.

       -t time   The  time  argument  specifies  the maximum length of time to
                 record.  Time may be specified  as  a  floating-point  value,
                 indicating   the   number   of   seconds,  or  in  the  form:
                 hh:mm:ss.dd,  where  hour  and  minute   specifications   are

       -v vol    Specify  the recording gain.  vol is an integer value between
                 0 and 100, inclusive.  If this argument is not specified, the
                 input  volume  will  remain at the level most recently set by
                 any process.

       -?        Help: Print a command line usage message.


       This program is furnished on an as is basis as a demonstration of audio
       applications programming.

                                10 January 1990                      RECORD(6)