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RAW2AUDIO(6)                     Games Manual                     RAW2AUDIO(6)

       raw2audio - convert raw audio data to audio file format

       raw2audio  [  -f  ]  [ -c chan ] [ -e enc ] [ -i info ] [ -o cnt ] [ -p
       bits ] [ -s rate ] [ filename...  ]

       This command is only available  with  the  Demos  installation  option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       raw2audio  adds  an audio file header to the named raw data files.  The
       encoding information in this header is  taken  from  the  command  line

       If  no filenames are specified, raw2audio reads raw data from the stan-
       dard input stream and writes an audio file to the standard output.   If
       a  target  file is a symbolic link, the underlying file will be rewrit-

       -f        Force.  If an input  file  already  contains  an  audio  file
                 header,  raw2audio  ordinarily  prints  a warning message and
                 skips the file.  If the -f flag is specified,  the  old  file
                 header, including the `information' field, is replaced.

       -c chan   Specify the number of interleaved audio channels in each sam-
                 ple frame.  If not specified, a single channel is assumed.

       -e enc    Specify the encoding type.  enc may be one of the  following:
                 ULAW,  LINEAR,  or FLOAT, corresponding to -law, integer PCM,
                 and IEEE floating-point formats, respectively.  If not speci-
                 fied, -law encoding is assumed.

       -i info   Specify the `information' field of the output file header.

       -o cnt    Specify the number of bytes to skip in the audio data stream.
                 This option may be used, for instance, to extract audio  data
                 from files containing unrecognizable file headers.

       -s rate   Specify  the sample rate frequency, in Hz.  If not specified,
                 the sample rate defaults to 8000 Hz.

       -p bits   Specify the sound unit size, in bits.  If not specified,  the
                 precision defaults to 8 bits.

       -?        Help.  Print a command line usage message.

       play(6), record(6)

       This program is furnished on an as is basis as a demonstration of audio
       applications programming.

                                10 January 1990                   RAW2AUDIO(6)