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PLAY(6)                          Games Manual                          PLAY(6)

       play - play audio files

       play [ -i ] [ -V ] [ -d dev ] [ -v vol ] [ filename...  ]

       This  command  is  only  available with the Demos software installation
       option.  Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       play copies the named audio files to the  audio  device.   Audio  files
       named on the command line are played sequentially.  If no filenames are
       present, the standard input stream is played.  The special filename `-'
       may be used to read the standard input stream instead of a file.

       The  input  files  (including  the standard input) must contain a valid
       audio file header.  The encoding information in this header is  matched
       against  the  capabilities of the audio device and, if the data formats
       are incompatible, an error message is printed and the file is skipped.

       Minor deviations in sampling frequency (those less than 1%)  are  ordi-
       narily  ignored.  This allows, for instance, data sampled at 8012 Hz to
       be played on an audio device that only supports 8000  Hz.   If  the  -V
       option is specified, such deviations are flagged with warning messages.

       -i        Print  an  error  message  and  exit immediately if the audio
                 device is unavailable (that is, another process currently has
                 write access).  play will ordinarily wait until it can obtain
                 access to the device.

       -V        Verbose.  Print messages to the standard error while  waiting
                 for access to the audio device or when sample rate deviations
                 are detected.

       -d dev    Specify an alternate audio device to which output  should  be
                 directed.   If  the -d option is not specified, /dev/audio is
                 the default audio device.

       -v vol    Set the output volume to vol before playing begins.   vol  is
                 an integer value between 0 and 100, inclusive.  If this argu-
                 ment is not specified, the output volume remains at the level
                 most recently set by any process.

       -?        Help.  Print a command line usage message.


       This program is furnished on an as is basis as a demonstration of audio
       applications programming.

                                10 January 1990                        PLAY(6)