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MS(6)                            Games Manual                            MS(6)

       ms - macros for formatting manuscripts

       nroff -ms [ options ] file ...
       troff -ms [ options ] file ...

       This  package of nroff and troff(1) macro definitions provides a canned
       formatting facility for technical papers in various formats.

       The macro requests are defined below.  Many nroff  and  troff  requests
       are unsafe in conjunction with this package, but the following requests
       may be used with impunity after the first .PP:

       Output of the eqn(1), tbl(1),  pic(1)  and  grap(1)  preprocessors  for
       equations, tables, pictures, and graphs is acceptable as input.


       M. E. Lesk, ``Typing Documents on the UNIX System: Using the -ms Macros
       with Troff and Nroff'', Unix Research System Programmer's Manual, Tenth
       Edition, Volume 2.
       eqn(1), troff(1), tbl(1), pic(1)

                        Request   Initial Cause Explanation
                                  Value   Break
                        .1C       yes     yes   One column  format  on  a  new
                        page.    .2C       no      yes   Two   column  format.
                        .AB       no      yes   Begin                abstract.
                        .AE       -       yes   End                  abstract.
                        .AI       no      yes   Author's institution  follows.
                        Suppressed   in   .TM.   .AT       no      yes   Print
                        `Attached'  and  turn  off  line   filling.    .AU   x
                        y   no      yes   Author's  name  follows.  x is loca-
                        tion and y is extension, ignored except in TM.   .B  x
                        y    no      no    Print  x  in boldface, append y; if
                        no      argument       switch       to       boldface.
                        .B1       no      yes   Begin text to be enclosed in a
                        box.  .B2       no      yes   End boxed text.   .BI  x
                        y   no      no    Print x in bold italic and append y;
                        if   no    argument    switch    to    bold    italic.
                        .BT       date    no    Bottom   title,  automatically
                        invoked at foot  of  page.   May  be  redefined.   .BX
                        x     no      no    Print   x   in   a   box.   .CW  x
                        y   no      no    Constant width font for x, append y;
                        if    no    argument   switch   to   constant   width.
                        .CT       no      yes   Print `Copies to' and turn off
                        line  filling.  .DA x     nroff   no    `Date line' at
                        bottom   of   page   is   x.    Default   is    today.
                        .DE       -       yes   End  displayed  text.  Implies
                        .KE.  .DS x     no      yes   Start of displayed text,
                        to  appear  verbatim line-by-line: indented (default),
                        left-justified,  centered,   (block)   centered   with
                        straight      left      margin.       Implies     .KS.
                        .EG       no      -     Print document in  BTL  format
                        for    `Engineer's    Notes.'     Must    be    first.
                        .EN       -       yes   Space after equation  produced
                        by  neqn  or  eqn(1).  .EQ x y   -       yes   Display
                        equation.  Equation number is y.  Optional x is I,  L,
                        C  as  in  .DS.  .FE       -       yes   End footnote.
                        .FP x    -       no    Set font positions for  a  fam-
                        ily,   e.g.,  .FS       no      no    Start  footnote.
                        The note will be moved to  the  bottom  of  the  page.
                        .HO       -       no    `Bell  Laboratories,  Holmdel,
                        New Jersey 07733'.  .I x  y    no      no    Italicize
                        x,   append  y;  if  no  argument  switch  to  italic.
                        .IH       no      no    `Bell            Laboratories,
                        Naperville,               Illinois              60540'
                        .IM       no      no    Print document in  BTL  format
                        for  an  internal  memorandum.   Must be first.  .IP x
                        y   no      yes   Start indented paragraph, with hang-
                        ing   tag  x.   Indentation  is  y  ens  (default  5).
                        .KE       -       yes   End keep.  Put  kept  text  on
                        next      page      if      not      enough      room.
                        .KF       no      yes   Start floating keep.   If  the
                        kept  text must be moved to the next page, float later
                        text back to this page.  .KS       no      yes   Start
                        keeping  following text.  .LG       no      no    Make
                        letters larger.   .LP       yes     yes   Start  left-
                        blocked  paragraph.   .LT       no      yes   Start  a
                        letter; a non-empty first  argument  produces  a  full
                        AT&T letterhead, a second argument is a room number, a
                        third    argument    is    a     telephone     number.
                        .MF       -       -     Print  document  in BTL format
                        for   `Memorandum   for   File.'    Must   be   first.
                        .MH       -       no    `Bell   Laboratories,   Murray
                        Hill,           New           Jersey           07974'.
                        .MR       -       -     Print  document  in BTL format
                        for `Memorandum for  Record.'   Must  be  first.   .ND
                        date  troff   no    Use date supplied (if any) only in
                        special BTL format positions; omit from  page  footer.
                        .NH  n     -       yes   Same  as  .SH, with automatic
                        section numbers  like `1.2.3'; n is  subsection  level
                        (default   1).   .NL       yes     no    Make  letters
                        normal  size.   .P1       -       yes   Begin  program
                        display       in       constant       width      font.
                        .P2       -       yes   End      program      display.
                        .PE       -       yes   End   picture;   see   pic(1).
                        .PF       -       yes   End picture; restore  vertical
                        position.    .PP       no      yes   Begin  paragraph.
                        First line indented.   .PS  h  w   -       yes   Start
                        picture;     height     and     width    in    inches.
                        .PY       -       no    `Bell  Laboratories,   Piscat-
                        away,  New  Jersey  08854' .QE       -       yes   End
                        quoted material.  .QP       -       yes   Begin quoted
                        paragraph         (indent        both        margins).
                        .QS       -       yes   Begin quoted material  (indent
                        both   margins).   .R        yes     no    Roman  text
                        follows.  .RE       -       yes   End relative  indent
                        level.   .RP       no      -     Cover sheet and first
                        page for released paper.  Must precede other requests.
                        .RS       -       yes   Start level of relative inden-
                        tation from which subsequent indentation is  measured.
                        .SG    x      no      yes   Insert   signature(s)   of
                        author(s), ignored except in .TM and .LT.   x  is  the
                        reference   line  (initials  of  author  and  typist).
                        .SH       -       yes   Section  head  follows,   font
                        automatically bold.  .SM       no      no    Make let-
                        ters  smaller.   .TA x...  5...    no    Set  tabs  in
                        ens.       Default      is     5     10     15     ...
                        .TE       -       yes   End   table;    see    tbl(1).
                        .TH       -       yes   End  heading section of table.
                        .TL       no      yes   Title                 follows.
                        .TM x...  no      -     Print  document in BTL techni-
                        cal  memorandum  format.   Arguments  are  TM  number,
                        (quoted  list  of)  case  number(s),  and file number.
                        Must      precede      other      requests.        .TR
                        x     -       -     Print in BTL technical report for-
                        mat;  report  number  is  x.   Must  be  first.    .TS
                        x     -       yes   Begin table; if x is H table head-
                        ing    is    repeated    on    new     pages.      .UL
                        x     -       no    Underline    argument   (even   in
                        troff).  .UX y z   -       no    `zUNIXy';  first  use
                        gives        registered        trademark       notice.
                        .WH       -       no    `Bell Laboratories,  Whippany,
                        New Jersey 07981'.