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MPM(6)                           Games Manual                           MPM(6)

       mpm, mspe - macros for page makeup

       troff -mpm file ...

       troff -mspe file ...

       These  troff(1)  macros,  largely  compatible  with  ms(6), make better
       pages.  They silently invoke and provide information to a postprocessor
       that  moves floating figures, avoids widows, and justifies pages verti-
       cally by stretching vertical spaces that result  from  .PP,  .LP,  .IP,
       .QP,  .SH,  .NH,  .DS/.DE,  .EQ/.EN,  .TS/.TE,  .PS/.PE,  .P1/.P2,  and
       .QS/.QE.  The packages support different styles:

       -mpm   generic

       -mspe  Software--Practice and Experience

       The following macros are different from or not  part  of  -ms.   Values
       denoted n have default value 1v.

       .BP    Begin a new page.
       .FL    Flush: force out previous keeps.
       .FC    Finish a two-column region and start a new one.
       .KF m  Floating  keep,  with  preferred  center at vertical position m.
              Special values (default) and are permitted.
       .NE n  Start new page if remaining vertical space on this page is  less
              than n.
       .P1    Begin a program display (constant width font).
       .P2    End a program display.
       .P3    Insert optional break point in program display.
       .SP n exactly
       .SP n  Insert vertical space of height n, stretchable unless exactly is
       .Tm text
              Place page number and text on the standard error output.
       .X text
              Present text to the hidden page-makeup  program  as  part  of  a
              device-dependent  output  sequence  x  X  text.   Equivalent  to

       Useful number registers:
       HM     Header margin; default 1 inch.
       FM     Footer margin; default 1 inch.
       FO     Footer position; default 10 inches.
       %#     Page number of current page.
       dP,dV  Shrinkage of point size and vertical spacing for .P1, in points.

       Useful strings:
       %e,%o  Even and odd page title commands, as .tl ''''.



       ms(6), troff(1)
       B. W. Kernighan and C. J. Van Wyk, ``The  -mpm  Macro  Package'',  Unix
       Research System Programmer's Manual, Tenth Edition, Volume 2.

       These features of -ms are missing:

              Document styles other than the default .RP.
              Space between front matter and first paragraph.  Recover it with
              .SP 2.
              Separating rule above footnotes.
              Keeps assigned to a separate page.
              Pages with more than two columns.

       Troff option -o doesn't work with -mpm because only  the  postprocessor
       knows the page numbers.