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LIST(6)                          Games Manual                          LIST(6)

       Name                Appears on Page Description

       adventure           adventure(6) an exploration game
       arithmetic          arithmetic(6) provide drill in number facts
       backgammon          backgammon(6) the game of backgammon
       banner              banner(6) print large banner on printer
       battlestar          battlestar(6) a tropical adventure game
       bcd                 bcd(6) convert to antique media
       bdemos              bdemos(6) demonstrate Sun Monochrome Bitmap Display
       bdraw               draw(6) interactive graphics drawing
       bj                  bj(6) the game of black jack
       boggle              boggle(6) play the game of boggle
       boggletool          boggletool(6) play a game of boggle
       bouncedemo          graphics_demos(6) graphics demonstration programs
       brotcube            brotcube(6) rotate a simple cube
       bsuncube            bsuncube(6) view 3-D Sun logo
       buttontest          buttontest(6) demonstration and testing program for SunButtons
       canfield            canfield(6) Canfield solitaire card game
       canfieldtool        canfield(6) Canfield solitaire card game
       canvas_demo         sunview_demos(6) Window-System demonstration programs
       cdplayer            cdplayer(6) CD-ROM audio demo program
       cdraw               draw(6) interactive graphics drawing
       cfscores            canfield(6) Canfield solitaire card game
       chess               chess(6) the game of chess
       chesstool           chesstool(6) window-based front-end to chess program
       ching               ching(6) the book of changes and other cookies
       colordemos          colordemos(6) demonstrate Sun Color Graphics Display
       craps               craps(6) the game of craps
       cribbage            cribbage(6) the card game cribbage
       cursor_demo         sunview_demos(6) Window-System demonstration programs
       dialtest            dialtest(6) demonstration and testing program for SunDials
       draw                draw(6) interactive graphics drawing
       factor              factor(6) factor a number, generate large primes
       fish                fish(6) play ``Go Fish''
       flight              gp_demos(6) demonstration programs for the Graphics Processor
       fortune             fortune(6) print a random, hopefully interesting, adage
       framedemo           graphics_demos(6) graphics demonstration programs
       gaintool            gaintool(6) audio control panel
       gammontool          gammontool(6) play a game of backgammon
       gp_demos            gp_demos(6) demonstration programs for the Graphics Processor
       graphics_demos      graphics_demos(6) graphics demonstration programs
       hack                hack(6) replacement for rogue
       hangman             hangman(6) computer version of the game hangman
       hunt                hunt(6) a multiplayer multiterminal game
       jumpdemo            graphics_demos(6) graphics demonstration programs
       life                life(6) John Conway's game of life
       mille               mille(6) play Mille Bornes
       monop               monop(6) Monopoly game
       moo                 moo(6) guessing game
       number              number(6) convert Arabic numerals to English
       play                play(6) play audio files
       ppt                 bcd(6) convert to antique media
       primes              factor(6) factor a number, generate large primes
       primes              primes(6) print all primes larger than some given number
       quiz                quiz(6) test your knowledge
       rain                rain(6) animated raindrops display
       random              random(6) select lines randomly from a file
       raw2audio           raw2audio(6) convert raw audio data to audio file format
       record              record(6) record an audio file
       robots              robots(6) fight off villainous robots
       rotcvph             rotcvph(6) rotate convex polyhedron
       rotobj              gp_demos(6) demonstration programs for the Graphics Processor
       snake               snake(6) display chase game
       snscore             snake(6) display chase game
       soundtool           soundtool(6) audio play/record tool
       spheresdemo         graphics_demos(6) graphics demonstration programs
       suncoredemos        suncoredemos(6) demonstrate SunCore Graphics Package
       sunview_demos       sunview_demos(6) Window-System demonstration programs
       trek                trek(6) trekkie game
       vwcvph              vwcvph(6) view convex polyhedron
       worm                worm(6) play the growing worm game
       worms               worms(6) animate worms on a display terminal
       wump                wump(6) the game of hunt the wumpus

                                5 October 1989                         LIST(6)