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LIFE(6)                          Games Manual                          LIFE(6)

       life - John Conway's game of life


       This  game  is  available  with the Games software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       life is a program that plays John Conway's game of life.  It only  runs
       under sunview(1).

       When  invoked, life will display a window with a small control panel at
       the top, and a large drawing area at the bottom.  You can create pieces
       in  the drawing area with the left button, and erase them with the mid-
       dle button.  When you select Run in the control panel, the pieces  will
       begin  to  evolve, and the drawing region will update itself at a speed
       controlled by the slider labeled with Fast and Slow.  life keeps  track
       of  all  the pieces even if they are not visible.  The scroll bars sur-
       rounding the drawing region can be used to see pieces that  have  moved
       out  of  view.   There  are some standard patterns that can be drawn by
       popping up a menu in the drawing subwindow.

       The meaning of the items in the first row of the  control  panel  (from
       left to right) are as follows.  If you click on the picture which looks
       like a tic-tac-toe board, a grid will appear in the drawing region.  If
       you click on Step, the mode will change from run mode (where the pieces
       update continuously) to step mode (where an update is  only  done  when
       you click on Step).  Following Gen is a number indicating the number of
       generations that have occurred.  The button marked Find will scroll  so
       that at least one piece is in view.  This is useful when all the pieces
       disappear from view.  The button marked Clear will  clear  the  drawing
       region,  but  leave the other controls unchanged.  Reset will reset all
       the panel controls, but will not erase any  of  the  pieces,  and  Quit
       Exits  the  tool.  The second row contains two sliders.  The first con-
       trols the update speed when in run mode, the second controls  the  size
       of the pieces.


                               21 December 1987                        LIFE(6)