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HACK(6)                          Games Manual                          HACK(6)

       hack - replacement for rogue

       hack [ -d hackdir ]  [ -s all | player ...  ]

       hack  is a display-oriented dungeons & dragons type game.  Both display
       and command structure resemble rogue, although hack has twice  as  many
       monster types and requires three times as much memory.

       Normally  hack  looks  in  /usr/games/lib/hackdir  for the files listed
       below; this directory can be changed with the -d option.  The -s option
       permits  you  to search the player record.  Given the keyword all, hack
       lists all players; given the login name  of  a  player,  it  lists  all
       scores of that player.

       record              top 100 list (start with an empty file)
       news                changes or bugs (start with no news file)
       data                information about objects and monsters
       help                introductory information (no doubt outdated)
       hh                  compacted version of help
       perm                empty file used for locking
       rumors              texts for fortune cookies

                               16 February 1988                        HACK(6)