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GOMOKU(6)                      BSD Games Manual                      GOMOKU(6)

     gomoku -- game of 5 in a row

     gomoku [-bcdu] [-D debugfile] [inputfile]

     gomoku is a two player game where the object is to get 5 in a row hori-
     zontally, vertically or diagonally on a 19 by 19 grid.  By convention,
     black always moves first.  With no arguments, gomoku will display a play-
     ing board and prompt for moves from the user.  The interface is visual
     and straightforward; you move to a spot using the hack(6) motion keys
     hjklyubn and select it with either 'space' or 'return'.  The game will
     beep if you select a location that is already occupied.  To save the
     game, type 'S' and to quit, type 'Q'.  The optional file inputfile can be
     used to restore a saved game.

     The options are:

     -b      This option sets background mode.  Input moves are read from
             standard input, the computer picks a move, and prints it to stan-
             dard output.  The first input line should be either ``black'' or
             ``white'' to specify whether gomoku has the first move or not
             respectively.  This option was intended for game tournaments
             where a referee program handles the board display and pits one
             program against another.

     -c      Computer versus computer.  gomoku will play a game against
             itself.  This is mostly used for testing.

     -D debugfile
             Print the debug information to debugfile instead of to the stan-
             dard output.

     -d      Print debugging information.  Repeating this option more than
             once yields more detailed information.

     -u      User versus user.  This is mostly used for testing.

     Ralph Campbell

     The program is far too slow and uses far too much memory for the quality
     of game it provides.

     The board display routines were based on the goref program written by
     Peter Langston.  The user interface was based on Eric S. Raymond's inter-
     face to bs(6).

BSD                            September 8, 2014                           BSD