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GRAPHICS_DEMOS(6)                Games Manual                GRAPHICS_DEMOS(6)

       graphics_demos,  bouncedemo, framedemo, jumpdemo, spheresdemo, - graph-
       ics demonstration programs

       /usr/demo/bouncedemo [ -d dev ] [ -nx ] [ -r ] [ -q ]

       /usr/demo/framedemo [ -d dev ] [ -nx ] [ -r ] [ -q ]

       /usr/demo/jumpdemo [ -c ] [ -d dev ] [ -nx ] [ -r ] [ -q ]

       /usr/demo/spheresdemo [ -d dev ] [ -nx ] [ -r ] [ -q ]

       These demos are available with the Demos software installation  option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       bouncedemo displays a bouncing square.


       displays  a series of frames, each of which contains a 256 by 256 image
       one-bit-deep pixels (that is, the image is a square monochrome  bitmap,
       with  256 bits on a side).  framedemo looks for the frames in the files
       frame.1 through frame.n in the current working directory, and  displays
       them  in  numerical  order.  A set of sample frames is available in the
       directory /usr/demo/globeframes/*.

   Interactive Commands
       If you move the cursor onto the image surface,  you  can  type  certain
       commands to affect the rate at which the frames are displayed. The ini-
       tial rate is one frame per second:

       f      Remove 1/20th of a second from the interval.

       F      Remove one second from the interval.  Ff makes the  interval  as
              small as possible.

       s      Add 1/20th of a second.

       S      Add one second.

       jumpdemo  simulates  the  famous Star Wars jump to light-speed-sequence
       using vector drawing.  Colored stars are drawn on color surfaces.

       spheresdemo computes a random collection of  shaded  spheres.   Colored
       spheres are drawn on color surfaces.

       -c     Rotate the color map to produce a sparkling effect.

       -d surface
              Run  the  demo on a surface other than the window or system con-
              sole, for instance:

                     bouncedemo -d /dev/cgone0

       -nx    Draw x items, or repeat a sequence x times.

       -r     Retain the window.  This  allows  the  image  to  reappear  when
              uncovered instead of restarting the demo.

       -q     Quick  exit.   Useful  for  running  several demos from within a
              shell script.

                               21 December 1987              GRAPHICS_DEMOS(6)