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FACTOR(6)                        Games Manual                        FACTOR(6)

       factor, primes - factor a number, generate large primes

       /usr/games/factor [ number ]

       /usr/games/primes [ number ]

       factor  reads  lines  from  its standard input.  If it reads a positive
       number, factor will factor the number  and  print  its  prime  factors,
       printing  each  one  the  proper number of times.  factor exits when it
       reads zero, a negative number, or something other than a number.  If  a
       number  is  given,  factor will factor the number, print its prime fac-
       tors, and exit.

       primes reads a number from the standard input  and  prints  all  primes
       larger  than the given number and smaller than 232 (about 4.3x109).  If
       a number is given, primes will use that number rather than reading  one
       from the standard input.

       Ouch.  Input out of range or for garbage input.

                               16 February 1988                      FACTOR(6)