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COLORDEMOS(6)                    Games Manual                    COLORDEMOS(6)

       colordemos - demonstrate Sun Color Graphics Display

       /usr/demo/cphoto  file
       /usr/demo/cshowmap  file

       colordemos is a collection of simple demonstration programs for the Sun
       Color Graphics Display.  Each program is briefly described  below.   To
       exit  each  program, send an interrupt signal by typing the appropriate
       key (usually CTRL-C).

       cballs         Colliding balls on color display.

       cdraw          Draw on the color display (see draw(6) for  an  explana-
                      tion of how to use cdraw).

       cphoto file    Display  dithered  color  file  on color display.  Files
                      suitable for display are in /usr/demo/colorpix.

       cpipes         Colliding pipes on color display.

       cshowmap file  Display  maps.   Files  suitable  for  display  are   in

       csnow          Color kaleidoscope.

       csuncube       Multicolored Sun logo.

       csunlogo       Shaded Sun logo.

       cvlsi          Color VLSI layout demo.


                                10 January 1984                  COLORDEMOS(6)