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CHESSTOOL(6)                     Games Manual                     CHESSTOOL(6)

       chesstool - window-based front-end to chess program

       /usr/games/chesstool [ chess_program ]

       This  game  is  available  for  Sun-3 and Sun-4 systems, with the Games
       software installation option.  Refer  to  for  information  on  how  to
       install optional software.

       chesstool  is  a  window-based front-end to the chess(6) program.  Used
       without options, chesstool uses /usr/games/chess; you can designate any
       alternate  program  which uses the same command syntax as chess(6) with
       the chess_program argument.

       When chesstool starts up, it displays a large window with three subwin-
       dows.   The first subwindow displays messages `Illegal move', for exam-
       ple.  The  second  subwindow  is  an  options  subwindow;  options  are
       described  below.   The  final  subwindow  is a chessboard display with
       white and black pieces and two (advisory only) timekeeping clocks.

       Make your moves with the mouse:  select  a  piece  by  positioning  the
       arrow  cursor  over  the piece and pressing the left mouse button down,
       then drag the piece to the destination square, and release the  button.
       The cursor will then turn to an hourglass icon while the system plays.

       Items  in  the subwindow may be selected with either the left or middle
       mouse buttons.  These options are:

       Last Play      Show the last play made.

       Undo           Undo your last move and the machine's response.

                      Once the game is over, it is not possible to restart it,
                      so  undo  will  update the board, but the game cannot be
                      continued from that position.

       Flash          Flash when the machine has completed its move.

                      When this command is selected, a check mark will  appear
                      next  to the word Flash.  In flash mode, if chesstool is
                      open, the piece moved by the system  on  its  play  will
                      flash until you make your move.  If chesstool is iconic,
                      the entire icon will flash when the machine has made its
                      move.   Thus  you can ``Close'' chesstool and be alerted
                      when it's your turn to move.  To turn  flash  mode  off,
                      select flash again.

       Machine White  Start a new game with the machine playing white.

       Human White    Start a new game with the machine playing black.

       Quit           Exit from chesstool.

       There  are  two moves which are special:  castling and capturing a pawn
       enpassant.  To castle, move the king only.  The position  of  the  rook
       will  automatically  be updated.  Since the king moves two squares when
       castling, the move is unambiguous.  To capture enpassant, move the pawn
       to the square occupied by the opposing pawn which will be captured.


                               18 February 1988                   CHESSTOOL(6)