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BOGGLETOOL(6)                    Games Manual                    BOGGLETOOL(6)

       boggletool - play a game of boggle

       /usr/games/boggletool [ number ] [ +[+]] [ 16-character string ]

       This  game  is  available  with the Games software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       boggletool allows you to play the game  of  Boggle  (TM  Parker  Bros.)
       against  the computer.  The number argument specifies the time limit in
       minutes (the default is 3 minutes).  If a 16 character long  string  is
       placed  on  the  command line, it is interpreted as a Boggle board: the
       first four letters form the top row, the next four letters  the  second
       row,  etc.   If no letters are specified, a board is randomly rolled by
       the computer from  a  set  of  Boggle  cubes.   The  +[+]  argument  is
       explained below under Advanced Play .

   Rules of the Game
       The  object  of Boggle is to find as many words as possible in a 4 by 4
       grid of letters within a certain time limit.  Words may be formed  from
       any  sequence  of  3 or more adjacent letters in the grid.  The letters
       may join horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  Normally, no  letter
       in the grid may be used more than once in a word (see Advanced Play for

   Playing the Game
       When invoked, boggletool displays a grid of letters and  an  hourglass.
       To enter words, simply type in lower case letters to spell the word you
       want.  Use any whitespace (SPACE, TAB, or NEWLINE) to  finish  a  word.
       To  correct  mistakes you make, use BACKSPACE or DEL to delete the last
       character, or use CTRL-U to delete an entire word.  boggletool verifies
       that  words you enter are both in the grid and are valid English words.
       If you type in a character which would form a word which is not in  the
       grid,  the  display  will flash and the character you typed will not be
       echoed.  When you type any whitespace to end the current word,  boggle-
       tool  will  verify that the word is three or more letters long and that
       it appears in the dictionary.  If the word you  typed  is  illegal  for
       either reason, the display will flash and you will have to either erase
       the word or change it.  If you try to enter a valid word which you have
       already  entered, the display will flash and the previous occurrence of
       the word will be highlighted.  Again, you will have to erase  the  word
       before  continuing.   As  you  enter words, the "sand" in the hourglass
       will fall.  At the end of the time limit, the display  will  flash  and
       you will no longer be allowed to enter words.  After a moment, the com-
       puter will display two lists of words: the words you found,  and  other
       words  which  also appear in the grid.  To play another game, just type
       any capital letter (or use the pop-up menu).

   Using the Menu
       The pop-up menu is invoked by pressing the RIGHT mouse  button.   There
       are four items in it, and they work as follows.

       Restart Game
              Create  a new boggletool a new board, reset the timer, and allow
              you to start from scratch.

       Restart Timer
              Allows you to cheat by reseting the hourglass timer to zero.

       Give Up
              End the game and print the results immediately.

       Quit   Allows you to quit running the  boggletool  program.   A  prompt
              appears  asking you to confirm the quit; when it does, click the
              LEFT mouse button to quit or the RIGHT mouse button to abort the

   Advanced Play
       There  are  two options for advanced players.  If a single + appears on
       the command line, letters in the grid may be reused.  If two +'s are on
       the command line, letters may also be considered adjacent to themselves
       as well as to their neighbors.  Although it is far easier to find words
       with  these two options, there are also many more possible words in the
       grid and it is therefore difficult to find them all.

                           dictionary file for computer's words

                               21 December 1987                  BOGGLETOOL(6)