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BANNER(6)                        Games Manual                        BANNER(6)

       banner - print large banner on printer

       /usr/games/banner [ -wn ] message ...

       banner  prints a large, high quality banner on the standard output.  If
       the message is omitted, it prompts for and reads one line of its  stan-
       dard  input.  If -w is given, the output is reduced from a width of 132
       to n, suitable for a narrow terminal.  If n is omitted, it defaults  to

       The  output  should be printed on a hard-copy device, up to 132 columns
       wide, with no breaks between the pages. The volume is enough  that  you
       want  a  printer or a fast hardcopy terminal, but if you are patient, a
       decwriter or other 300 baud terminal will do.

       Several ASCII characters are not defined, notably `<', `>',  `[',  `]',
       `\',  `^', `_', `{', `}', `|', and `~'.  Also, the characters `"', `'',
       and `&' are funny looking (but in a useful way.)

       The -w option is implemented by skipping some rows  and  columns.   The
       smaller  it  gets,  the grainier the output.  Sometimes it runs letters

                               16 February 1988                      BANNER(6)