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WSCONS.CONF(5)              BSD File Formats Manual             WSCONS.CONF(5)

     wscons.conf -- workstation console config file


     The wscons.conf file defines parameters regarding to the workstation con-
     sole (wscons).  The file consists of lines starting with a keyword, and
     one or more arguments.  Empty lines and lines starting with a hash
     (``#'') are ignored.

     The following keywords and arguments are recognized:

     font name width height enc file
               Used to load a font via wsfontload(8).  name gives a font name
               that can be used later, width can be used to specify the width
               of a font character in pixel, height is the same, just for the
               font characters' height.  enc is used to declare the font's
               encoding, see the description on wsfontload(8)'s -e option for
               more detail.  file gives the absolute path to the font file.
               See wsfontload(8) for more information.

     screen idx scr emul
               Add and configure virtual console number idx using a screen
               type of scr (e.g. 80x25) and a emul terminal emulation (e.g.
               vt100). See wsconscfg(8) for further parameter description.

     keyboard kbd
               Attach and configure keyboard kbd using ``wsconscfg -k''.  If
               kbd is '-' or 'auto', the first free keyboard will be used.
               See wsconscfg(8) for more information.

     encoding enc
               Set the keyboard map to the given language code enc, using
               ``wsconsctl -w encoding=enc''.  The map must be supported by
               the keyboard driver in use and must be compiled into the ker-
               nel.  See the keyboard driver's manpage (e.g., pckbd(4),
               ukbd(4)) for details.

     mapfile file
               Parses the contents of file, which contains a keyboard map per
               line, and calls ``wsconsctl -w map+='' for each line.  See
               wsconsctl(8) for details.

     mux idx   Used to attach and configure keyboard/mouse multiplexors, using
               ``wsconscfg -m idx''.  See wsconscfg(8) for more information.

     setvar var=val
               Set wscons variable var to val, using ``wsconsctl -w var=val''.
               See wsconsctl(8) for more information.

     Command arguments can be specified as ``-'' which makes default values
     come into effect as described in the documentation of the utilities.


     wscons(4), wsconscfg(8), wsfontload(8)

BSD                             April 26, 2002                             BSD