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wbem(5)               Standards, Environments, and Macros              wbem(5)

       wbem - Web-Based Enterprise Management

       Web-Based  Enterprise  Management  (WBEM)  is  a  set of management and
       Internet-related technologies  intended  to  unify  the  management  of
       enterprise computing environments. Developed by the Distributed Manage-
       ment Task Force (DMTF), WBEM enables organizations to deliver an  inte-
       grated set of standards-based management tools that support and promote
       World Wide Web technology. The DMTF has developed a  set  of  standards
       that make up WBEM. This set of standards includes:

         o  Common  Information  Model  (CIM)  - an object-oriented data model
            that describes the overall management of information in an  enter-
            prise network environment. CIM consists of a CIM specification and
            a CIM schema:

            CIM Specification       Consists of the language  and  methodology
                                    that describes management data.

            CIM Schema              Provides actual model descriptions of sys-
                                    tems, applications, large  area  networks,
                                    and devices. The CIM Schema enables appli-
                                    cations from different developers on  dif-
                                    ferent  platforms  to  describe management
                                    data in a standard format. As a result,  a
                                    variety  of  management  applications  can
                                    share this information.

         o  CIM Operations Over HyperText Transport Protocol (HTTP) 1.1  is  a
            transport  mechanism  that  maps  CIM  operations to HTTP to allow
            implementations of CIM to interoperate in  an  open,  standardized

            CIM  Operations  Over  HTTP  1.1  uses  eXtensible Markup Language
            (XML), which is  a  markup  language  that  represents  management
            information in textual form.

            In  addition  to  the  XML representation, CIM information is also
            represented textually by the managed object  format  (MOF).  These
            MOF representations are typically stored as text files that devel-
            opers compile into a CIM Object Manager.

   WBEM Tools and Services
       Tools and services that enable developers to create and  Services  man-
       agement applications and instrumentation that manage heterogeneous com-
       puter environments include:

         o  Solaris WBEM Services 2.5

         o  Solaris WBEM Software Development Kit 2.5

   Solaris WBEM Services 2.5
       These services consist of a set of value-added Services 2.5 components.
       These  services  make  it  easier  for  developers to create management
       applications that run in the Solaris operating environment.  They  also
       make  the  Solaris operating environment easier to manage. Solaris WBEM
       Services 2.5 consists of:

         o  CIM Object Manager, CIM Repository, and MOF Compiler

         o  CIM and Solaris Schema, which is an extension schema of  CIM.  CIM
            and  Solaris  Schema  is a collection of CIM classes that describe
            managed elements  in  the  Solaris  operating  environment.  These
            classes are available from the CIM Object Manager at start up.

         o  Solaris Providers, which are programs that communicate information
            between the Solaris operating environment and the CIM Object  Man-
            ager  (providers  get  and set "dynamic" information about managed
            elements, acting as an intermediary between the CIM Object Manager
            and the managed elements).

            Solaris  software  providers  have been developed for a variety of
            areas: users, roles, file systems, and network configuration,  for
            example.  A remote provider is also available to distribute agents
            away from the CIM Object Manager when  required.  Because  of  the
            incremental  development  capabilities of the WBEM instrumentation
            framework, developers can progressively and consistently add  more
            providers for additional Solaris software services.

         o  SNMP  Adapter  for  WBEM,  which enables Simple Network Management
            Protocol (SNMP) management applications to access  system  manage-
            ment  information  that is provided by Solaris WBEM Services. Used
            with the Solstice Enterprise Agent (SEA) Master Agent  snmpdx(1M),
            the  SNMP Adapter for WBEM maps SNMP requests into equivalent WBEM
            Common Information Model (CIM) properties or instances.

            The SNMP Adapter for WBEM also remaps the response  from  the  CIM
            Object  Manager  into  an  SNMP response, which is returned to the
            management application.

            A mapping file contains the corresponding Object Identifier (OID),
            class  name,  property  name,  and  Abstract  Syntax  Notation One
            (ASN.1) type for each object. Developers can create their own map-
            ping files.

         o  SNMP  Provider, which enables WBEM services to deliver SNMP infor-

   Solaris WBEM Software Development Kit 2.5
       This kit consists of a set  of  key  application  Software  development
       tools  that  make it easier for developers to write management applica-
       tions that can communicate with any WBEM-enabled management device. The
       Solaris WBEM Software Development Kit includes examples, documentation,
       and CIM Workshop, a graphical user interface through  which  developers
       can  view  and  create classes and instances, through the remote method
       invocation (RMI) or the XML/HTTP protocol.

       Developers can also use this kit to write providers, which are programs
       that communicate with managed elements to access data.

       All  management  applications  that  developers create with the Solaris
       WBEM Software Development Kit run on the Java platform. The  Solaris  9
       WBEM  Software  Development Kit installs and runs in version 1.4 of the
       Java environment. Developers can use the kit to write standalone appli-
       cations  or applications that run in conjunction with Solaris WBEM Ser-

       The Solaris WBEM Software Development Kit is described in  the  Solaris
       WBEM  SDK  Development Guide. Javadoc for the WBEM application program-
       ming interface is located at /usr/sadm/lib/wbem/doc/index.html.

   Compatibility of Solaris WBEM Services with Existing Protocols
       Adapters and converters enable Solaris WBEM Services of Solaris to work
       compatibly with existing protocols by mapping WBEM information to these
       protocols. One such protocol  is  Simple  Network  Management  Protocol

       Legacy  management applications can administer WBEM-enabled software in
       the Solaris operating  environment.  Developers  can  write  agents  or
       providers  that  convert  information from these protocols to WBEM, and
       they can write adapters that convert WBEM information into these proto-

       See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes:

       tab()     allbox;     cw(2.750000i)|    cw(2.750000i)    lw(2.750000i)|
       lw(2.750000i).  ATTRIBUTE TYPEATTRIBUTE VALUE AvailabilitySPARC and x86
       ArchitectureT{  SUNWwbapi,  SUNWwbcor, SUNWwbcou, SUNWwbdev, SUNWwbdoc,
       SUNWwbpro T} CSIEnabled

       appletviewer(1),    cimworkshop(1M),    init.wbem(1M),     mofcomp(1M),
       mofreg(1M),    snmpdx(1M),    wbemadmin(1M),    wbemconfig(1M),   wbem-
       logviewer(1M), attributes(5)

SunOS 5.10                        5 Nov 2001                           wbem(5)