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UTMPX(5)                    BSD File Formats Manual                   UTMPX(5)

     utmpx, wtmpx, lastlogx -- user accounting database

     #include <&lt;utmpx.h>&gt;

     The <utmpx.h> header defines the structures and functions for logging
     user.  Currently logged in users are tracked in /var/run/utmpx, a list of
     all logins and logouts, as well as all shutdowns, reboots and date
     changes, is kept in /var/log/wtmpx, and the last login of each user is
     noted in /var/log/lastlogx.  The files are not automatically created if
     they do not exist; they must be created manually.

     The interface to the utmpx file is described in endutxent(3).

     The wtmpx file can grow rapidly on busy systems, and is normally rotated
     with newsyslog(8).

     In the event of a date change, a shutdown, or a reboot, the following
     items are logged in the wtmpx file:
           date        The system time has been manually or automatically
                       updated by date(1).  The command name date is recorded
                       in the field ut_name.  In the field ut_line, the char-
                       acter '|' indicates the time prior to the change, and
                       the character '{' indicates the new time.
           shutdown    A system reboot or shutdown has been initiated.  The
                       character '~' is placed in the field ut_line, and
                       reboot or shutdown in the field ut_name (see
                       shutdown(8) and reboot(8)), using logwtmpx(3).

     /var/run/utmpx     The utmpx file.
     /var/log/wtmpx     The wtmpx file.
     /var/log/lastlogx  The lastlogx file.

     last(1), login(1), rwho(1), w(1), who(1), endutxent(3), logwtmpx(3),
     ac(8), init(8), newsyslog(8), reboot(8)

BSD                           September 26, 2002                           BSD