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sys_attrs_tc(5)						      sys_attrs_tc(5)


  sys_attrs_tc - tc subsystem attributes


  This reference page lists and	describes attributes for the TURBOchannel Bus
  (tc) kernel subsystem. Refer to the sys_attrs(5) reference page for an
  introduction to the topic of kernel subsystem	attributes.

  For this subsytem, users should modify only the following attribute and do
  so only for the purpose described. Any other visible attributes cannot or
  should not be	modified.

      Enables (nonzero value) or disables (0) console messages that appear at
      boot time	and runtime for	use by device driver developers	to collect
      information about	a driver configuration problem.	A developer can	set
      this attribute by	using the sysconfig or sysconfigdb utility. See	sys-
      config(8), sysconfigdb(8), and cfgmgr(8) for more	information on
      options for modifying attributes and reconfiguring a kernel subsystem.

      Default value: 0 (disabled)


  Commands: cfgmgr(8), sysconfig(8), sysconfigdb(8)

  Files: stanza(4), cfgmgr.auth(4), sysconfigtab(4)

  Others: sys_attrs(5)

  Writing TURBOchannel Device Drivers