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sys_attrs_fta(5)					     sys_attrs_fta(5)


  sys_attrs_fta	- fta subsystem	attributes


  The fta (fta)	kernel subsystem is used by the	Fiber Distributed Data Inter-
  face (FDDI) adapters.	 Refer to the sys_attrs(5) reference page for an
  introduction to the topic of kernel subsystem	attributes.

      A	value that enables (1) or disables (0) the awakening of	a separate
      thread to	handle interrupt service work.

      The processing of	received frames	or of completed	transmits is typi-
      cally performed by the driver's interrupt	service	routine.  If
      minimal_isr is enabled, the interrupt service routine does not do	the
      processing.  Instead, it awakens another thread to do the	processing.
      The benefit is that the new thread can run on any	other processor,
      thereby freeing the master processor for other interrupt processing and
      other tasks.  While this may improve overall system performance, there
      will be an increased latency in the processing of	received FDDI frames.

      If minimal_isr is	disabled, the interrupt	service	routine	processes all
      received frames and completed transmits.	This can delay the master
      processor	from servicing other I/O interrupts and	can lead to overall
      system performance degradation.  However,	the latency for	handling
      received FDDI frames will	be very	low.

      Default value: 1 (enabled)