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sdeckanji(5)							 sdeckanji(5)


  sdeckanji - A	character encoding system (codeset) for	Japanese


  The Super DEC	Kanji codeset extends the DEC Kanji codeset to support the
  CS2 (JIS Katakana) and CS3 (JIS X0212) character sets	that are also
  included in the Japanese EUC codeset.	Super DEC Kanji	is therefore a super-
  set of both DEC Kanji	and Japanese EUC and can handle	data encoded in
  either DEC Kanji or Japanese EUC. The	codeset	was implemented	to ease	the
  transition from DEC Kanji, which is proprietary encoding, to Japanese	EUC,
  which	is encoding specified by an industry standard.

  In addition to supporting standard Japanese character	sets, Super DEC	Kanji
  provides three areas for defining User-Defined Characters (UDC). The UDC
  areas	are as follows:

  Area Usage   Row Range		     Code Range

			   Number of Char-
  JIS X0208    85-94	   940		     F5A1-FEFE
  JIS X0212    78-94	   1598		     SS3 [EEA1-FEFE]
  UDC	       1-94	   8836		     A121-FE7E

  The representation of	ASCII/JIS Roman, JIS X0208 and User-Defined Charac-
  ters (UDC) in	Super DEC Kanji	is the same as that in DEC Kanji. The
  representation of CS2	and CS3	in Super DEC Kanji is the same as that in
  Japanese EUC.

  Codeset Conversion

  The following	codeset	converter pairs	are available for converting Japanese
  characters between sdeckanji and other encoding formats.  Refer to
  iconv_intro(5) for an	introduction to	codeset	conversion. For	more informa-
  tion about the other codeset for which sdeckanji is the input	or output,
  see the reference page specified in the list item.

    +  deckanji_sdeckanji, sdeckanji_deckanji

       Converting from and to the DEC Kanji codeset: deckanji(5).

    +  eucJP_sdeckanji,	sdeckanji_eucJP

       Converting from and to Japanese Extended	UNIX Code: eucJP(5).

    +  ISO-2022-JP_sdeckanji, sdeckanji_ISO-2022JP

       Converting from and to the ISO 2022-JP codeset: iso2022jp(5).

    +  ISO-2022-JPext_sdeckanji, sdeckanji_ISO-2022JPext

       Converting from and to the ISO 2022-JP Extended codeset:	iso2022jp(5).

    +  JIS7_sdeckanji or jiskanji7_sdeckanji, sdeckanji_JIS7 or

       Converting from and to 7-bit JIS	Kanji code: jiskanji(5).

    +  SJIS_sdeckanji, sdeckanji_SJIS

       Converting from and to the Shift	JIS codeset: SJIS(5).

       Shift JIS encoding is identical to encoding used	in the Microsoft
       Japanese	code page for PC systems. Therefore, you can use these con-
       verters to convert Japanese characters between Super DEC	Kanji and PC
       code-page format. For information on how	the operating system supports
       PC code pages, see code_page(5).

    +  UCS-2_sdeckanji,	sdeckanji_UCS-2

       Converting from and to UCS-2 format: Unicode(5).

    +  UCS-4_sdeckanji,	sdeckanji_UCS-4

       Converting from and to UCS-4 format: Unicode(5).

    +  UTF-8_sdeckanji,	sdeckanji_UTF-8

       Converting from and to UTF--8 format: Unicode(5).

  Font Support for Super DEC Kanji

  For display devices, the operating system supports sdeckanji code by con-
  verting it to	deckanji and using fonts available for deckanji.

  Refer	to i18n_printing(5) and	Japanese(5) for	information about supporting
  print	jobs that contain Japanese characters.


  Commands: locale(1)

  Others: ascii(5), code_page(5), deckanji(5), eucJP(5), i18n_intro(5),
  i18n_printing(5), iconv_intro(5), iso2022jp(5), Japanese(5), jiskanji(5),
  l10n_intro(5), shiftjis(5), Unicode(5)