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sbig5(5)							     sbig5(5)


  sbig5	- A character encoding system (codeset)	for Traditional	Chinese


  The Shift Big-5 (sbig5) codeset is a variant of the Big-5 codeset (see
  big5(5)). The	only difference	between	these codesets is that the second
  byte of some Big-5 characters	are mapped to different	values in the Shift
  Big-5	codeset. The remapping is done to avoid	having some metacharacters
  like *, which	has special meaning to UNIX commands, in the second byte of a
  2-byte Big-5 character.

  The mappings of Big-5	characters to Shift Big-5 characters are as follows:

		   Character Symbol			 Character Symbol

  Big-5	(2nd

				      Shift Big-5 (2nd
  40		   @		      30		 0
  5B		   [		      31		 1
  5C		   \		      32		 2
  5D		   ]		      33		 3
  5E		   ^		      34		 4
  5F		   -		      35		 5
  60		   `		      36		 6
  7B		   {		      37		 7
  7C		   |		      38		 8
  7D		   }		      39		 9
  7E		   ~		      9F		 nil

  The sbig5 codeset is not supported by	a locale but only through codeset

  Codeset Conversion

  The following	codeset	converter pairs	are available for converting Tradi-
  tional Chinese characters between sbig5 and other encoding formats.  Refer
  to iconv_intro(5) for	an introduction	to codeset conversion. For more
  information about the	other codeset for which	sbig5 is the input or output,
  see the reference page specified in the list item.

    +  big5_sbig5, sbig5_big5

       Converting from and to the Big-5	codeset: big5(5).

       Note that Big-5 encoding	is equivalent to the Microsoft code-page for-
       mat used	on PCs for Traditional Chinese.	Therefore, you can use these
       converters to convert Traditional Chinese between PC code-page format
       and Shift Big-5 encoding.

    +  eucTW_sbig5, sbig5_eucTW

       Converting from and to Taiwanese	Extended UNIX Code: eucTW(5).


  Commands: locale(1)

  Others: ascii(5), big5(5), Chinese(5), code_page(5), dechanyu(5),
  dechanzi(5), eucTW(5), GB18030(5), GBK(5), i18n_intro(5), i18n_printing(5),
  iconv_intro(5), l10n_intro(5), telecode(5)