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PASSWD(5)                     File Formats Manual                    PASSWD(5)

       passwd - password file

       Passwd contains for each user the following information:

       name (login name, contains no upper case)
       encrypted password
       numerical user ID
       numerical group ID
       GCOS job number, box number, optional GCOS user-id
       initial working directory
       program to use as Shell

       This  is  an  ASCII file.  Each field within each user's entry is sepa-
       rated from the next by a colon.  The GCOS field is used only when  com-
       municating with that system, and in other installations can contain any
       desired information.  Each user is separated from the next  by  a  new-
       line.   If  the password field is null, no password is demanded; if the
       Shell field is null, the Shell itself is used.

       This file resides in directory /etc.  Because of  the  encrypted  pass-
       words,  it  can  and does have general read permission and can be used,
       for example, to map numerical user ID's to names.


       getpwent(3), login(1), crypt(3), passwd(1), group(5)