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NTPD.CONF(5)              OpenBSD Programmer's Manual             NTPD.CONF(5)

     ntpd.conf - Network Time Protocol daemon configuration file

     This manual page describes the format of the ntpd(8) configuration file.
     It has the following format:

     Empty lines and lines beginning with the `#' character are ignored.

     The possible keywords are as follows:

     listen on address
             Specify a local IP address or a hostname the ntpd(8) daemon
             should listen on.  It can appear multiple times: ntpd(8) will
             listen on each given address.  If `*' is given as an address,
             ntpd(8) will listen on all local addresses.  ntpd(8) does not
             listen on any address by default.  For example:

                   listen on *
                   listen on
                   listen on ::1

     server address
             Specify the IP address or the hostname of an NTP server to syn-
             chronize to.  If the hostname resolves to multiple IPv4 and/or
             IPv6 addresses, ntpd(8) uses the first address.  If it does not
             get a reply, ntpd(8) retries with the next address and continues
             to do so until a working address is found.  For example:

                   server ntp.example.org

     servers address
             As with server, specify the IP address or hostname of an NTP
             server to synchronize to.  Should the hostname resolve to multi-
             ple IP addresses, ntpd(8) will try to synchronize to all of them.
             For example:

                   servers pool.ntp.org

     /etc/ntpd.conf     default ntpd(8) configuration file


     The ntpd.conf file format first appeared in OpenBSD 3.6.

OpenBSD 3.6                      June 17, 2004                               1