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ipfilter(5)           Standards, Environments, and Macros          ipfilter(5)

       ipfilter - IP packet filtering software

       IP Filter is software that provides packet filtering capabilities. On a
       properly setup system, it can be used to build a firewall.

       The IP Filter feature requires that the file /etc/ipf/pfil.ap be  modi-
       fied to include the names of the network interface(s) to be filtered.

       A  system  with  filtering  on  the  hme  and qfe interfaces would have
       entries in /etc/ipf/pfil.ap such as those shown below.

       # IP Filter pfil autopush setup
       # See autopush(1M) manpage for more information.
       # Format of the entries in this file is:
       #major  minor lastminor modules

       #le     -1      0       pfil
       #qe     -1      0       pfil
       hme     -1      0       pfil
       qfe     -1      0       pfil

       See System Administration Guide: IP Services for more information.

       See attributes(5) for a description of the following attributes:

       tab()    allbox;    cw(2.750000i)|     cw(2.750000i)     lw(2.750000i)|
       lw(2.750000i).  ATTRIBUTE TYPEATTRIBUTE VALUE Interface StabilityEvolv-

       ipf(1M), ipnat(1M), ipf(4), ipnat(4), attributes(5)

       To view license terms, attribution, and copyright for  IP  Filter,  the
       default path is /usr/lib/ipf/IPFILTER.LICENCE. If the Solaris operating
       system has been installed anywhere other than the default,  modify  the
       given path to access the file at the installed location.

SunOS 5.10                        27 Oct 2004                      ipfilter(5)